Obligatory Introduction Post

It’s kind of fun doing the impossible,”    – Walt Disney


Let me begin saying this: it’s hard being a female tabletop player. I always see groups of college age guys partaking in the hobby of rolling a 20 sided die on the table but none of my same gender.

Thats partially why I started up this blog.

Okay, no more preachy feminist sounding words. Hello, Internet-dwellers!

I’m Faith, your lovely blog master of the page and general nerdy individul. I’m here to speak about tabletop games, Cosplay and costumes, sometimes a bit of Steampunk and a whole smattering of weird and wonderful awesomeness. You’re a likeminded person? Welcome! If not, pull up a chair, crack open a Mountain  Dew and get ready to learn.

I’m not quite sure how often I’ll be posting up on here, but you can bet that I’ll try to get something up as much as I can. Got an idea? Pitch it to me and you may just be inspiration for a post!

So guys, welcome to my page. Enjoy your time here.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Introduction Post

  1. very interesting, the only thing I know about tabletop is that my ex was really into that. I took a small interest but never got the chance to participate because as you can tell things didn’t work out. I don’t know that many people that are into it either but its always nice to see some verbal female nerds out there. I see you are a cosplayer as well that much we do have in common unless you’re also an anime fan and a (video)gamer 😛


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