Eldritch Blast ALL the Things!: The Warlock (5th Edition)

WarlockPHBFirst thing about tabletop games: proficiency in Perception is always a good thing.


At least if you’re playing a Warlock. Warlock is what I am currently playing as in a campaign and boy oh boy, do I love this class!

Nyxtari the way-too-pretty Tiefling is the character, a level 4 Archfey pact Warlock with a itty bitty pseudodragon familiar just one level behind her. She’s sassy, tells-off the Wizard for being terrible at his job (in real life) and likes to flirt to get her way. And maybe do some less-then-smiled-upon things for spellbooks. Pursuit of knowledge! I also think she’s the most sane person in the party despite owing her powers to higher forces.

This video makes me laugh, since they talk about the Warlock. Watch for much amusement, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ogRG3m7Ok

So, what do I think about the class?

Compared to other spellcasters (Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid, and Bard), I think they’re a great bunch of fun.

1) The flavor text. You, quite literally, sold part of yourself to gain your otherworldly powers. How cool is that?

2) Eldritch Blast. This is a cantrip that you can repeatedly throw at enemies as much as your tainted heart wants to, and it consistently does a decent amount of damage with a d10 dice roll. At least it’s consistent for Nyxtari. And if you dare to switch out to cast something else, you regain all expended spell slots on a short rest as opposed to a long snooze if you run out.

3) Armor. Unlike some casters, like Wizards, Warlocks can at least wear light armor, which is better then nothing. With a high enough Dexterity modifier, this can mean little to nothing and you can end up having a decent amount of armor on you. 5bdad569aa8470ba69ddd350078c6058

That being said, there’s a feeling from me that feels that the Warlock is not quite as finished or polished as the other casters. They are cool, yes, and their options are varied, but I think variant options for the Pacts may be a good idea. Say, like Nyxtari, you are doing a Archfey pact with a Chain familiar. You could possibly have the option to make it a hybrid of pseudodragon with a faerie dragon: there would not be too much of a difference except the being would get Euphoria Breath, which is a non-combative ability.

With their spells, though, I think that even though they have limited amount of spells they can cast, that their list is quite varied and not as disappointing as some critics like to make out. There are ways around their small list. Choosing a race that innately has spells to their names, like Dark Elves and Tieflings, helps a bit. And if you are still that spell-starved, there are feats at certain levels to choose from that give you extra cantrips and such.

Personally, I always choose Featherfall as a spell because you never know when a DM is going to open up a pit fall underneath you or when you critical fail a Dexterity save. Or you could also multi-class as something else to give you more options but I’m not discussing that now, am I? Perhaps another day.

My suggested spells for the Warlock are as follows and in no particular order:

1) Eldritch Blast. Why wouldn’t you?

2) Witch Bolt. If you are like my DM, then this would also do extra damage to an enemy in full metal armor. Extra ouch for the enemy means more damage done by me!

3)True Strike. Any spell that gives you an advantage on actions is always a good thing,

I can’t suggest any more spells  then that because, once again, I’m only level 4.

Eldritch Invocations give you some more power as well. Because you can now snipe enemies up to 300 feet away with Eldritch Spear, push them ten feet away from you off of a cliff and to their demise as well as all sorts of fun stuff.

Now if only they had a pact of the Orca. Because that is secretly the face of someone who wants to devour your soul.  be your best friend and grant you whale-related magic. orca_by_turntechno-d6gdrep

4 thoughts on “Eldritch Blast ALL the Things!: The Warlock (5th Edition)

    1. Did not expect a response back so that was a pleasant surprise! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. There’s going to be more things like this up in the future if you’d like to watch the blog. : )

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  1. Warlocks are always such fun!

    Although I do admit I never really liked true strike on warlocks. Seems really good on things like rouges for sneak attack and classes that can cast spells as bonus actions in combat, but on warlock it always feels like I could have just used my action for another attack instead.


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