That’s What I Call a Battering Ram: Playable Faun Race (5th ed.)

* EDIT* Wow! I’m amazed that you guys love the faun race so much! Me and my homebrew partner-in-crime are flattered at this! But please remember that Pitfalls and Pixies has a host of other intriguing races as well. Regardless, thanks for the positive feedback from you guys! : ) *


I love fauns: forest-dwelling fae creatures who can fight with the best of them while slinging spells. So, when I read over the Player’s Handbook and saw a lack of these beings (no one seems to have a faun race available, do they?), it was high time that, with the assistance of one of my friends, I begin work on crafting them.

And here’s the result!

“You go into them woods, boy, I can’t assure you’ll come out the same person you were. The song of the denizens who live there, they’ll try to charm you into joining them in their raucous dances and hedonistic rituals. Don’t follow them goat-men, or you can count your sanity gone.”

Fauns are humanoid creatures who share the characteristics of the average human but the lower portions of a goat or a 418px-Frontispiece_to_A_Book_of_Mythsdeer. Sly, wily and mischievous, these forest-dwellers are typically nomadic and take great enjoyment in innocent trickery. They delight in fine art as well, and are experts with weapons that some cultures may find primitive and simple.Sometimes, there is nothing as frightening as a wall of spears being thrown at the ignorant trespasser into faun territory.

–  Darkvision

–  Speed 30
–  Languages Sylvan and common

–  Ability Score Increase: +1 Dex. All of these goat-legged beings, regardless of their environment, are nimble things that use this to get out of painful situations fast.

–  Satyr Weapon Training: You are proficient with short swords, blowguns and spears.

–  Fae Legacy: As a Sylvan creature, the ancient ways of magic run through your veins. You gain access to the following spells at the correlating level. Charisma is your casting stat.

Cantrip: Druidcraft

Lvl 3- Moonbeam

Lvl 5- Daylight

02f3ef231c6a5d1012778553a5790a99Fae Ancestry: Due to your Sylvan blood, you have advantage on saving throws against being charmed by spells and/or spell-like effects and cannot be put to sleep through magical means.

–   Racial Sub Types: Not all fauns reside in the woods of the realm. You may choose between Mountain and Forest faun as your sub type.


–  Ability Score Increase: +2 Constitution.
–   Sure Footed: As a creature born into the harsh rocky terrain, you have no penalty on rough or difficult terrain.
–  Mountain Resilience: You have advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance on poison damage

Ability Score Increase: +2 Wisdom
Mask of the Wild: You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist and other natural phenomena.
Forest Knowledge: Proficiency in Nature checks involving Herbalism or Tracking Animals

If you’ve played this race, please let me know what you all think! I’m always open to input!

Red Like Roses: In Memory

If you have not heard of the news in recent weeks (a week and a half or so, I believe), the creative world has lost a very talented man.


I am sure that some of you have not heard of Monty Oum, but to many he will be known as the individual who has bought so many worlds to life. Red Verses Blue, parts of Afro Samurai and who can forget RWBY. 

Mr. Oum was hospitalized after a surgical procedure and never did recover. The fans that he created from his own works were, and still are, greatly devastated.

I do not post this sort of content up on my page often, but I felt the need to let those know who don’t know already.

You go play some Dance Dance Revolution with the man upstairs, Oum. Play on.