Vulpine Fury: A Playable Kitsune Race

Hey there, everybody!

You’ve seen the foxfolk race that me and my friend Doctor Necrotic have come up with, but I’d like to show off the kitsune race that I and my fellow DM created for our specific worlds. Once again, let me know on the page what you think of the race. If you’ve decided to play it, even better!

Sneaky as their ancestors in the wilds, kitsunes combine kitsune 1the grace of their vulpine heritage with the versatility of upright humanoid races. With a knack for trickery but bound by a tight-knit honor code, kitsunes have several traits which betray their true nature.

– Ability Score Increase: +2 Dex, +1 Charisma

– Size: Medium

– Speed: 30 ft

– Languages: Common, Sylvan

– Appearance: Kitsunes have one or two features that always set them apart from humans. This always includes slit-pupil eyes, which are commonly in a honey color or a golden brown. Upon creating a kitsune, however, you choose a feature that is always there in your disguised human form. These choices are fox ears, a tail or long black nails.

These creatures are proud of their lineage and are not afraid to show the world their unique features. There are times, though, where they will have the urge to conceal these to the best of the abilities. Ears may be stuffed under a hat or a bandana and nails may be bitten down.

kitsune 2– Fox Magic: As a kitsune, you have a well of innate magical energy stored inside of you due to your Sylvan bloodline. You have access to the following spells. Charisma is your spell casting stat.

  • Cantrip: Dancing Lights
  • 3rd: Grease
  • 5th: Blur

–  Skills: Perception, Deception

– Low Light Vision: 60 ft

– Shapechanger: You, as a kitsune, can shift between a hybrid, feral and human appearance. Its stats regardless of form are the same. It reverts to its true form if it dies. In combat, shifting is a standard action. Out of combat, it can be used as a quick action. In feral form, your base speed is 40 feet due to your small size: you also have advantage on Stealth check.s

  • Natural Attacks: In feral form, because you have no access to your chosen weapons, you have a natural bite and claw attack. These deal 1d4 plus your Dexterity modifier.
  • If in hybrid form and you are wielding a single weapon, you may make a single attack with said weapon and an additional claw or bite attack

2 thoughts on “Vulpine Fury: A Playable Kitsune Race

  1. This is really amazing! I’ve always wanted to play as a kitsune, but it can be hard fitting such an oriental based race into a regular, old “Middle Earth” type of campaign. I was wondering if there might be some kind of way of adapting the race into a more classical Dungeons and Dragons theme?


    1. Think of the Kitsune this way:

      While the creature itself is one specifically of Asian origin, there’s always been stories of trickster-like spirits who are oftentimes crows, coyotes and (of course) foxes. Aesop’s fables even include a fox who uses a silver tongue to get his way. Utilizing lore like this could easily repurpose the race into a more “traditional” D&D setting.

      In my own game, Kitsunes hail from the country of Agmald, especially the plains between it and neighboring Igniis. They are raiders and scavengers by nature, but will team up in packs to take down large caravans. This is based on the observations of actual foxes in the wild, who are generally solitary but are known to come together.

      Other ideas could have them be of elven origin, but these ancient elves had been tainted so much by druidic magics that it had a permanent effect on their lineages for ages to come. It gave them feral beast-like features, while still retaining some of their innate skills such as magic. Or, they are both distantly related to the fae and it is not an uncommon sight to see elves and Kitsunes share the same territory.


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