Tales from the Dungeon: The Real MVP

How I love reading stories about other people’s campaigns. Some are stories of adventure and epic heroics, and others are just a series of critical failures with nat. ones skidding across the table. I suppose I should get on that band-wagon and recount some of the ones.

In a series called ‘Tales from the Dungeon’, it will tell of events that myself as a player or a Dungeon Master have been a witness to. They can be funny or amazing, but never will they be boring.

Here for your reading pleasure, is the first one: The Real MVP.


servant_to_the_archfey_by_flamingchibi-d8twybhThe 5th Edition game I have played the most has the following party make-up (at least at the time of the story): Icarus (Half-Orc Flesh Golem Fighter), Varris (Dark Elf Vampire Druid), Nyxtari (me, the Tiefling Warlock-Bard turning more and more fey), Okami (Dragonborn Ranger with a wolf companion), Khaleesi (Halfling Rogue) and a Wood Elf (or was it High Elf?) Wizard that I cant remember the name of. We were roughly level 5 adventurers or so, fighting storm dragons and all mannerism of terrible things.

That is the Warlock Tiefling in the painting. Isn’t she pretty?

Our current situation was that we were in a tournament with three rounds. First we fought a group of six Thri-Kreen: essentially, ant people. Our Dragonborn, who now sports spider legs from his back, yells a death threat to them in an insect language and make them cower before we annihilate the lot of them.

Second round was against what can only be described as an alien gunslinger. We had met this being’s kind earlier after their vessel (which of course medieval era characters have no idea what the concept of a UFO is or technology) crashed. He would blast us with a “magical crossbow that shot energy beams”. We didn’t kill him because he was quite friendly to us, and so we only knocked him unconscious.

The last round of combat was much more difficult. Up to then we had done pretty well: no one died or became bloodied and I didn’t have to heal anyone. Then round three comes up, with a doppleganger rogue, a cleric and Skelter, a handsome blue-haired incubus that  Nyxtari had begun to crush on at the competitor’s lounge the night before.

Because the Druid was trying to play matchmaker and hook us up at the bar.

Through the revealing that we, the party, had killed his father, he had vowed to kill us all and especially me.  So there was to be no mercy had from him.

Phase one was to kill the cleric, which we accomplished. The doppleganger was this annoying little pest who would back-stab the party for insane amounts of damage. Skelter would mostly deal with the Fighter, locking him in single person combat while the rest of us dealt with the minor nuisances. The Wizard and the Druid, whose favorite form was Brown Bear at the time, nearly died and I was on the bloodied line most of the battleAzurethe.

One reason why I went Warlock-Bard multi-class was how I have a familiar.

Meet Azureth, a pseudodragon companion who’s favorite past times include curling up with Nyxtari for naps and making loud obnoxious chirping noises to the party even though he can speak telepathically to everyone. I can cast spells through him and perceive his senses, so what do I do? I send him around the battlefield in wide-spread circles and casting Cure Wounds through him on our Druid and Wizard. The Wizard, after the ordeal, then dubs Azureth as the Most Valued Party Member, exclaiming, “Azureth, you da real MVP!”.

Since then, Azureth has become a useful party member in his own right: used to scout ahead, look for treasure with advantage, and now shoot arcane lasers with an Eldrich Blast cannon mounted on his armor. And, in the latest quest line of the adventure, the Archfey has now upgraded Nyxtari’s pseudodragon into an orange Faerie Dragon. Azureth has evolved! With his blaster, he has successfully crit on the damage and caused enemies pain and suffering from 120 feet away and in the air.

Have your own stories you would like to share from campaigns? Let me know of them! I may feature my favorites in another entry!

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