Conjuring Power: A 5th Edition Summoner Class

And we are back, friends! After that rather depressive article I posted last time, it’s back to our usual bouts of oddness and assorted nerdery. And, as I promised to some friends, this is by far the largest undertaking I have done for tabletop gaming up to this day.

I like the idea of Summoners. Calling up other beings from your plane of existance and others to fight by your side and ruin enemies is such a nifty concept! But I don’t think that Pathfinder did the most decent version of it, quickly becoming over-powered and Conjure spells in DnD 5e are too few and far between that you probably won’t get a chance to use most of them.

There are too many words that are included in the class, so I’ll just upload the Word document (it says ‘new format’ because I formatted it to resemble the 5th Edition class pages, just to kill some time and make it look pretty).

If you want to play-test it, awesome! Make sure to give some feedback and credit where it is due! Again, this is my first attempt at an all-new class and I’m hoping I did a solid effort with it!

Summoner new format

*Critique up to this point that helped me build it up include advice from Doctor Necrotic and other more knowledgeable friends in my DnD group*

10 thoughts on “Conjuring Power: A 5th Edition Summoner Class

    1. I am not aware of that website! I’ll give it a looksie over at some point. Also, I’m glad people are using my faerie content or at least looking at it! There isn’t enough fae creatures for 5th Edition, and I want to fix that issue.


  1. I am very excited to try this class. It is exactly the kind of class i was looking at. I am fairly new to playing D&D (play a lot of pathfinder) so sorry for my inexperience in advance. I was wondering a few things that i would like some clarification. So most of my questions are about the spells and how they work with the summoner. ” all of your spell slots are the same level.” but they take more slots depending on the lvl of the spell? Does this mean if i were say lvl 11 i could potentially cast a what would be the highest lvl spell i could cast?


  2. Would you be up for answering some questions on this and if I re-wrote this a little bit to be a bit more clear? I’m absolutely loving the idea and themes of this class, though some bits of it are a bit confusing (I’m going off the version you have on dms guild, just looked over the sample and I’m about to buy it)


    1. A re-write of the class is not something I would feel okay about, though you can definitely ask me some questions and I can go and re-word some of the content to be more clear. : )


      1. Here are a couple that come to mind:
        >What is the time limit for a Summon? I’m assuming they aren’t just always out (like a Ranger’s animal companion).

        >Magic of the Pact-Maker, I think I understand this correctly, you are giving a Summon the ability to cast a single spell that you know up to (Cha mod + 1) times, am I correct?

        >Also; True Bonds, if I’m reading that one correctly it allows you to assume the form of one of your Summons, kinda like a Druid using Wildshape, or a mage using Shapeshift, just restricted to a creature you have Summon-Branded, yeah?
        How long does that last? Also the “Fair Servitude or a Powerful Overbearing Ruling” bit is confusing to me…


      2. 1) The limit on a Summon being out is an hour.

        2) And yes. The Summon can cast spells this way.

        3) Yes. Magic of the Pact-Maker allows you to take on the form of the things you made Pacts with.This lasts for an hour or until you drop to zero hit points.

        4) That’s just flavor text lol.


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