Phenomenal Eldritch Power!

Hey there, folks!

I see that one of my very first post upon the blog, relating to my experience with the Warlock class in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, is still to this day one of my most popular things up on the blog (with the Archfey template and the Faun race being in second and third place). So, in the spirit of my overly complex revision process and wishing to be a timely writer, here is the continuation of the Warlock review.

Nyx giftSo, the adventure of Nyxtari the Archfey-pact Warlock-Bard multiclass (phew, what a mouthful!) has continued on. Features that have changed about her include dragonfly wings that allow her to be permanently affected by the Jump spell, her pseudodragon familiar Azureth being given the form of an orange Faerie Dragon and Nuada  the Silver-Handed granting her possession of a Staff of the Pact-Keeper. Hooray for sweet loot!

I had not covered the synergy of multiclassing Warlock and Bard in the first post, so that is what will be started with.

First things first: both classes rely on their Charisma stat for spells. I chose to multiclass into Bard because I would receive much-needed extra spells and the ability to heal party members: we didn’t have a Cleric and STILL do not have one. The additional Skill proficiencies are helpful as well, so you can cover some bases that you may not have been able to get to unless you took Feats or your race/background granted you other Skills.

Also, as a Bard I have been able to make significant amounts of gold by performing. Do not underestimate your Performance skill, because it will keep you from being flat-out broke.

The issue of either to or to not multiclass is a thing. Not all concepts would benefit from a level 1 through 3 dip into a class for either thematic reasons or just radically different stat blocks. That’s not to say you can’t multiclass a Warlock-Monk or Warlock-Cleric but it would take planning in advanced. It also could do with the personal choices that your character has made. If, perhaps, you want to tear your ties with your patron and seeking out a way to cleanse the illness from their system, the Cleric concept could potentially work or even Druid. In the case of Nyxtari, it was that she had stumbled upon an enchanted pan flute and that set her up for her Bardic ways.

Spell progression is painfully slow. Painful, as in seeing your Fighter take down dragons while you are still attacking with twin beam Eldritch Blast and not doing much damage compared to everyone else. The bulk of your levels you will still only have 2 spell slots until well into your Warlock career, but the upside is that you get all of your spells back on a short or long rest. Your 3rd level spells will be what you want to pay attention to, as there are some great ones: Fly will be your tactical plan, depending on what sort of Pact Boon you chose at 3rd level or your general means of combat assessment. A blade-lock may want it to get out of painful face-beatings quickly or to dish out the beatings in a pinch, but a tome-lock may not want to get into the heavy fray. It’s still a strong contender. 4th level spells are ‘meh’ at best, seeing as how you don’t receive many of them, and 5th level spells won’t be learned until 11th level: kind of a bummer, seeing as you can only use your learned Mystic Arcanum spells once a day. Granted, your expanded spell list you gain from your chosen pact net you some potent options: Archfey pacts get Greater Invisibility, which keep you invisible even when attacking! That is some good stuff.

Invocations are a nifty addition that can make or break situations. A once-a-day spell that you gain from an Invocation can be handy if you are super-conservative about your spell slots. Covered are some that I have had experience with:leaf_shield_by_anthonyfoti-d3azqpv

  • Agonizing Blast: devastating when you max out your Charisma to 20 (+5 modifier), but it is good no matter what level
    you take it at. You gain your modifier on your d20 attack rolls as well as your damage, so a crit 20 will be all the more delicious.
  • Eyes of the Rune-Keeper: depending on your campaign setting, you can either skip this option or take it. In the world that Nyxtari is in, this has proven to be a very, VERY beneficial Invocation, as it allows you to read every single written language and her Archfey patron collects knowledge. This has saved the party from wandering into a dungeon full of undead creatures.
  • Devil’s Sight: Like EotRK above, this may or may not be a viable option. Races who get the Darkness spell as part of being a race, such as Tieflings, would benefit greatly from this. You can see through magical and mundane darkness with this Invocation, and while you are encased in such a magical darkness all incoming attacks have disadvantage on you. This will keep you away from many creatures unless they share the trait (note: many creatures such as fiends and devils have Devil’s Sight).
  • Repelling Blast: this one can potentially be handy, if your DM is fond of throwing terrain difficulties at your party. On a successful hit of Eldritch Blast, the target is thrown back 10 feet from where it was standing. Couple this with a Druid’s spike growth or if there’s a cliff nearby and you just want to hurl them off the edge. I have found my party doesn’t like it when they set up for flanking advantage only to have their target blown 10 feet away.

But it is fun to be able to cast touch spells through your familiar. Nothing is as satisfying as casting cure wounds through my Faerie Dragon and keeping the tanks alive and in the fight. Another reason why I invest levels into Bard.

I think that’s enough Warlock information for now, given the total word count. If you have any comments or questions to ask, just post them into the comment section. Until next time, may you always roll critical 20’s!

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