The Water’s Safe, Right? Shark People for DnD 5e

So, one of my players, bless his soul, always manages to create some damned interesting character concepts. Goliath Rogue, Air Genasi Fighter-Bard, and now… well, a Street Shark.

Okay,so a Street Shark isn’t the race but it’s the basis of what I’m laying out on the table for you totally radical guys and gals out there. Hope you enjoy something a bit different from what I normally concoct!




“There’s no way that your commonplace water-dweller could put that much of a bite in a ship. Not big enough for a dragon turtle, nor with the suckers of a giant squid. But the rows of hundreds of chipped knife-like teeth pointed us in the direction of the thing that had been pestering all of our community. We found that his name was Equior and that he had a serious problem with teething. He paid us with enough gold pieces to make repairs, and we all found that he makes some very good cerviche in return. Got a couple of pictures of him, turns out he’s a pretty good kid…with lots of teeth.”

Terrors of the seas and coastal regions, many a sailor and his livelihood has been terrorized by these monstrous beings. A hybrid of shark and man, Charcardins are toothy creatures who are both quick to kill and are swift in their watery home.

Oftentimes, they are misunderstood as well. Dwellers along the ocean side paint them as blood thirsty things. In truth, quite like tieflings, they are misunderstood and have a vibrant and exotic culture that dwells beneath the waves. Making homes out of abandoned shipwrecks, inactive volcanoes and coral reefs, it is rare that they have an established settlement upon the land.

Charcardins, depending on their sub type, lean in favor of either life styles that look kindly upon feats of strength and those which require nimbleness. Living in a harsh environment has conditioned them to be self-reliant on their natural traits, to which they utilize in much of their waking lives.

  • Size: towering over most, you are still considered a Medium humanoid creature. Granted, you push the envelope for that.
  • Languages: You know Common and Aquan, the language of water elementals and those from the Elemental Plane of Water.
  • Stat Increase: Your Constitution goes up by two. Charcadins are hearty things that have survived the destruction of many an empire and species.
  • Aquatic: You can breathe underwater and out of water. However, dry arid environments will see slow gradual harm for you. For each three hours you go without water of some kind, you will take 1d6 damage. Most Charcardins find ways to utilize water-distributing apparatus to work around their natural dependency on water.
  • Dark Vision: You can see up to 60 feet in the dark in shades of grey, and normally in dim lighting.
  • Natural Weaponry: As a beast-like race, you have a natural bite attack. Your jaws do 1d6 piercing damage plus either your Strength or Dexterity modifier.
  • Trance: If you are knocked prone, you must make a DC saving throw Wisdom 13 at the start of your turn. If you do not make the save, you do nothing for this turn. However, it wears off during the next round of combat.


Deep-Dweller: The largest of the sub types, Deep-Dwellers swim in darker waters then
most and as such, do not see as many threats besides their own kind and greater predators such as giant squid and kraken. These are the ones that are expert pearl divers and oftentimes will go searching for sunken treasure: many adventurers employ them to dive for riches to return to them…for a price.

  • Stat Increase: Your Strength goes up by one.
  • Scary Faces: You have proficiency in the Intimidation skill.
  • Goliath-Like Strength: You are considered one size category larger when it comes to Grapple and Strength checks made against you.
  • Blood Frenzy: Deep Dwellers live in areas where food may be scarce, and are keenly attuned to the spilling of blood. When a creature within 20 feet of you reaches bloodied (or half of their hit points), roll a Wisdom saving throw of 15. If you make the save, nothing happens. If you roll underneath it, you instinctually run towards that target and any that may be in your way. Any person in your path must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or take 2d6 piercing damage from your jaws gnashing at them. You regain this feature after a short or a long rest.


Tidesurfer: As the name shows, Tidesurfers reside in the shallows of reefs and shoreline shipwrecks. They are oftentimes more sociable then Deep-Dwellers, frequently coming into contact with sailors and fishermen. Their patterns on their skin are much more varied but also scarred and chewed up from being accidently snared in nets.

  • Stat Increase: Your Dexterity goes up by one.
  • Swift Swimmers: Raging waters do not impede your movements. If fast currents would otherwise halve your movement (either walking or swimming), this does occur for you.
  • Quickfin: You gain proficiency with the Stealth skill. Because of your slimmer size and smaller stature, you learned to use this to your advantage to evade predators in the wild.
  • Thrash: You violently whip up the terrain around you, flailing yourself about and looking to cause confusion rather then harm your enemy. When you have an enemy grappled or one is prone, the target must make a Wisdom saving throw 13 or be confused. If they make the saving throw, they take 2d4 slashing damage from the sharpness of your skin. You must let go of the target after the Thrash. You regain usage of this after a short or long rest.

Charcardin concept belongs to Faith D’Ambrosio, inspired by a Jonathan Cain

All art belongs to their respective owners in the order they appear: TheCGCyguy, Zedrin and Nakanoart (all of

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