Its In A Book: Literary-Inspired Characters For Your Game, Part 1

Hello, homebrewers and players!

Pitfalls and Pixies is going to be starting up a new series of creations for your playing enjoyment: It’s In A Book. Things made with a literary theme. from characters from famous characters, items, and other such topics pertaining to the presented material.

This time? Alice in Wonderland! Who has not ever wondered to see what lays at the bottom of the rabbit hole, have tea with a hatter and an insane hare and witnessing just why everyone is mad here.                           


                                     Cheshire Cat- small fey, Chaotic Neutral


AC: 16 (natural armor)

Move Speed 30 feet, fly speed 30 feet

Strength: –   Dexterity: +4   Wisdom: +2    Intelligence: +2  Constitution: +1   Charisma: +4

Hit Points: 85

Languages: Common, Sylvan, Elvish

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana +5, Insight +5, Persuasion +7

Greater Invisibility: The Cheshire Cat can turn itself invisible at will. Attacks that the Cheshire Cat makes do not break the invisibility. This can be removed with the spell Dispel Magic, as this ability acts as a spell or spell-like effect.

We’re All Mad Here: The Cheshire Cat targets the closest two creatures in a 30 foot radius. The target(s) must make a Wisdom saving DC 15 or take 2d6 psychic damage and gains a level in Insanity. At the end of each of it’s turns, the creature may make this save again. When the person affected is hit with an attack, they may roll to make the save with advantage.

Multi-Attack: The Cheshire Cat may make two claw attacks, one claw and one We’re All Mad Here, or one We’re All Mad Here and one spell.

Claw: +4 to hit, reach 5 feet. Damage upon hit is 1d8+4 slashing damage. This attack counts as magical.

Spells: The Cheshire Cat knows a small number of spells it may cast.

Cantrips: Friends, Magic Stone

1st Level: Magic Missile, Bane, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Dissonant Whispers (4 slots)

2nd Level: Heat Metal, Blindness/Deafness (2 slots)


                                       Jabberwock- Large Monstrosity, Neutral Evil


AC: 18 (Natural)

HP: 200

Strength: +7  Dexterity: +2  Constitution: +5  Intelligence: –   Wisdom: –  Charisma: +2

Move Speed: 30 feet, fly 45 feet

Skills: Intimidation +6, Stealth +5

Languages: Abbysal (understands it but does not speak)

Dark Vision: 120 feet

Snicker-Snack: The Jabberwock picks up a target, initiating a grapple. If the target does not make a Strength save DC 17, they are grappled and take 3d10 force damage. The Jabberwock then may choose to pick up said creature and throw up to 25 feet away or continue to grapple it. The Jabberwock may not move with a grappled victim.

Multi-Attack: The Jabberwock may make 3 attacks: two claw and one bite  or two claws and one Snicker-Snack.

Claws: Range 5 feet. +7 to hit. Damage: 2d8+7 slashing damage.

Bite: 5 feet, +2 to hit. 1d8+2 piercing damage.


                          Queen of Hearts- medium humanoid, chaotic neutral



AC: 16

Hit Points: 150

Strength: +3   Dexterity: +4   Constitution: +6  Intelligence: +1  Wisdom: +1  Charisma: +4

Move Speed: 30 feet

Skills: Intimidation +6. Persuasion +6, Investigation +5

Languages: Common, Dwarven

Off With Their Heads: The Queen of Hearts can rally her allies, causing them to have advantage on melee attacks and spells which require a d20 roll to hit. On a natural 20, either the Queen’s Strength of Dexterity modifier (based on the weapon type) is applied to the damage but this is not doubled by the critical roll.

Flamingo Croquet: The Queen of Hearts uses a flamingo to knock weighed ammunition at targets, as if created by the Magic Stone cantrip. Range 20 feet, +4 to hit. The ammunition is considered magical, and does 1d6 damage. Three pieces of ammunition are created, and she may choose whether to hit all three at a single target or each at a different one.

In addition, the flamingo may make a beak attack should a target be within 5 feet of it. +5 to hit melee attack. 3d4+4 damage. This can be used within range of the Queen of Hearts, as well as attacks of opportunity should a target be so close.

Multi-Attack: The Queen of Hearts may make two attacks: one Off with their Heads and one Flamingo Croquet, or 2 Flamingo Croquet.

4 thoughts on “Its In A Book: Literary-Inspired Characters For Your Game, Part 1

  1. This is an awesome idea! That said, the formatting is a tad confusing to read, as it doesn’t follow the format for D&D 5E’s monster block. Also, some monsters are missing information, such as the Queen’s HP. After a few edits, this is would be a fun way of rearranging Rage of Demons (as that module took inspiration from Wonderland.)


    1. Hey there, Doc!
      Really, with me all I do is write the stat modifiers for my creations since it’s easier for me but I can go back and do some editing.
      Also the Queen’s HP is back up.


    1. Thats a pretty cool idea! Thanks! Perhaps I’ll do more Wonderland-themed goodies in the future, if there’s an interest.
      If there isn’t, I’d imagine they’d be Dex-based Fighter characters. A low AC but a decent chunk of HP (being “paper thin”) and are meant to mob up on intruders rather then take on single opponents.


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