And Now, Our Feat-ture Event

People who know me in real life know that I largely play D&D 5e. After all, it’s still semi bright and shiny, with content being poured out at a reasonable rate. I largely enjoy it because there’s a great deal of flexibility that comes with it. While this isn’t for everyone’s gaming style, it lines up pretty well with the storyteller in my heart.

But where I feel like Wizards of the Coast greatly dropped the ball of quality is with a section in the later half of the Player’s Handbook (or as I like to call, the Bibe of 5e). It isn’t even for mandatory rules but an optional variant that can open the door possibly for character concepts usually unobtainable for classes. We’re talking about Feats.

Feats are something which, should your DM or GM allow, take the place of ability score increases at their respected levels. By taking these, a player gets abilities they may not have at the start. Want a Barbarian casting Eldritch Blast? Go for it! How about a Monk with a tower shield? The possibility are endless.

But while the options are nice and dandy, depending on your character not all of the feats would apply and benefit your PC. Case in point, my Summoner character Syrilith, a faerie dragonborn. She is a spellcaster who can forge pacts with others and bring them about to fight at her side. Now that she has reached level 4, the option of feats comes up but nothing really seems to work in her favor. The only thing that might work is the Linguist feat but most of that is useless. The only other one would be the feat that lets you have proficiency in three more skills of your choice.

So why is there such a lack of variety for feats? Most are for combat-oriented characters: Crossbow Expert, Moderately Armored, etc. Syrilith is not totally made for combat. She is made for investigating and being a pseudo-Bard, gathering information and putting it togood use. I know 5e is only in its infant stages (it’s barely three years old, if that), so more content by Wizards is undeniably on its slow way to us. But by a large margin, it seems they are too focused on battle and not the rest of what makes a successful canpaign. Sure, bashing heads in with an axe is satisfying butis a spellcaster really going to have a use for such a thing?

What I recommend? More non-combat feats that seem useful. A lot of the ones listed are so situational that it’s likely they will never be used by a player. And that’s a bit frustrating.

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