Onto New Horizons

The silver bells wound in your hair shows that magic is indeed afoot but fleeting. You time with the fae folk has ended as quickly as it began, and you vaguely remember that they laughed and waved as you took your seperate paths.

I wasn’t expecting the turnout of content I had for my theme, since the fae are kind of an odd thing to hold as theme for the month. But that’s what happens when it’s the main theme of my blog on any given day. From Star Trek aliens to fiery elemental forces, these participants have managed to capture the true heart of soul of the fair folk all in words and d20’s.

Below is the complete master list of content for the June RPG Blog Carnival. Thanks to everyone who created content!

The Wandering Alchemist’s The Archfey and Q…You

Doctor Necrotic’s Cheerful Stalker

Doctor Necrotic’s Penumbra, Lord of Nightmares

Tales of a Gm’s Summer Fae

CrossPlane’s Savage World Tommyknockers

The Other Side’s Faerie Witch

The Other Side’s Fire Faeries

Anarcarnivale’s State of Fae in RPG’s

Doomride’s Good Neighbors

Tribality’s Archfey Patrons (check out the other Fae content done in this particular person’s series!)

Sea of Star’s RPG’s Pyroead

Möbius Adventures’ Fae of the Future

Codex Anathema’s Now You See Me

6d6′ War Faeries

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