ART (and Selfish Self-Plugging)!

Hey, folks of Internet-Land!

This might seem trashy as all sin, doing some self-advertising, but in lieu of the holiday season fast approaching (and looking for some extra ways to make money on the side), I thought I’d post about something different.

It’s not completely out of left field though.

For a bit, I’ve had a side project titled Phoenix and Faerie Crafts. Because everything with me has to do with magic and supernatural creatures and all that jazz. What started off as a way for me to make a MUCH less expensive gaming box/dice-rolling tray instead of purchasing something for far more money turned into a relatively good way to make that same money over some period of time.


The first one I did was purely for myself. Stained wood, and the faerie was done in both acrylics, watercolor for the wings, and even miniature paints (the wings at the top are actually Reaper mini figure wings that I had laying around). It’s been serving me well since day one, and I think I’ve gotten better at my craft after that.


Switching gears in theme, then, came the Witcher’s Box. Made for one of my players in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign ‘Masks of the Archfey’, he wanted a dice-rolling box with the Witcher insignia on the cover. On the inside, it says ‘Silver for Monsters, Steel for Humans’, and he brings it to every session when he can.

I’ve had a decent chunk of success with these guys as to date, with a few others that I don’t have pictures of. A Full Metal Alchemist surprise graduation one, while another was themed after The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. But because I don’t like to be pidgeon-holed into one sort of craft, I started working on other things.

Well, one example of something else, at least.


A birthday present for my boyfriend, to hang in his in-progress gaming space. I’m pretty sure he has dice like that, and the silver dragon has importance to him personally. I put a lot of work into this guy, but so far haven’t received any other commissions like him. I am a sad faerie for that, because I’m pretty sure these would sell fairly well.

Lastly is something I don’t talk about here (because I have a separate blog for that): it’s my devotion to a pagan life style. Over at Stumblings in the Broom Closet, I talk about all manner of witchy topics though it has been quiet over there for some time now. I’ve done portraits of my patrons (Cernunnos to the left, Cerridwen and Morrigan to the right who share a canvas with one another). Note: I’m always up to talking about my faith in a mature, positive way but won’t stand for rudeness.

Maybe I’m trying to advertise a bit more, get my Facebook page for my crafting up and make some money on the side. Regardless, if you’re interested in any of these things listed on the page, feel free to contact me!

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