Centaur: A Wild and Free Race for 5E

Centaurs: a creature that many know of but not terrible amounts of us gamers would ever consider playing. Well, at least in my own gaming circles. I for one would adore the chance to play one of these hooved creatures.

In previous editions, I do know it was possible to play one but they often times came with heavy negative modifiers and non-redeeming aspects. So, to remedy this itch I cannot scratch, I have developed my own playable Centaur race!

As always, feedback from playtesting is always encouraged.


“We thought it was a migration of antelope in the distance that we saw. That was before our eyes let us see the swords and spears they raised above their heads and letting out a war-cry before charging.”

Centaurs, where they natively live, are often times seen as monsters meant to dominate and kill. Most do not know that they have a complex social structure no different from hunter-gatherer societies.

They are creatures who seem to know everything about the native terrain where their herds dwell. Stalwart stewards of the land, they take great pride in the upkeep of the natural world and have an inherent warrior spirit to defend it from those who wish it harm. They just look odd, with the lower bodies of horses, deer and other hooved beasts.

Centaur Racial Stats

Your Strength increases by 2.

Your move speed is 40 feet. Having the lower body of a horse or hooved creature allows you to move at a greater pace than others.

Centaur Weapon Training: You have proficiency with spears and glaives.

Languages: You know how to speak Common and Centaur. The Centaur languages has notes of Dwarven to it, but the whole language is guttural and sounds very much like snorts and braying.

Hooved: As a centaur, you have learned to use your horse-like legs in combat situations. Once on your turn, instead of using a melee weapon attack, you may use your Kick. This does 1d8 plus your Strength modifier and has a range of 5 feet. If your legs are ensnared, you are unable to use your Kick and must be able to break free under the circumstances of what made you unable to use this ability.



Centaur Subraces: Plainstrider and Spiritshod

In centaur culture, it is oftentimes divided into two groups: those who are warriors and those who are arcane-endowed. Each has their own place in the herd, to keep the group tight-knit.



Your Constitution increases by 1. Plainstriders need to be hardy creatures in order to keep up with hunts, mass migrations and out-running larger foes.

Skills of the Plains: You have proficiency with the Survival and Animal Handling skills. Plainstriders are often times the trackers of a centaur herd.

Charge: Adapted to running long distances, when you move in a straight line at least 20 feet and hit with a melee attack on the same turn, the target takes an additional 2d6 damage. On a natural 20, the target must make a Strength saving throw equal to 8+your Strength modifier + your proficiency modifer or be knocked prone. Once you use your Charge, you regain it on a short or long rest.





shamanYour Wisdom increases by 1.Your knowledge of magic makes you wise, even amongst your peers and herd-mates.

Cantrip: You know one cantrip from the Druid spell list. If you are a spell caster, this does not count towards the total number of cantrips which you know.

Commune with the Herd: Spiritshod centaurs are the mystics of their tribes, and carry with them a totem representing their herd and family long since gone. These are often made of bone, wood or some kind of natural material that is significant to their tribe. Once on a long rest, you may perform a ritual in which you attempt to speak to your ancestors. They are under no discretion to speak the truth, preferring simple yes or no questions rather ones that require an ample explanation. You may do this as a Ritual, and regain use of this on a short or long rest.


Centaur race for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition belongs to Faith D’Ambrosio at ‘Pitfalls and Pixies’. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is property of Wizards of the Coast.




3 thoughts on “Centaur: A Wild and Free Race for 5E

  1. The subraces here really miss the point of subraces. The ones given here almost fill the role of class instead– a shaman and a warrior. That’s not your subrace. Subrace would be like, what kind of horse or humanoid they’re descended from, or what climate they live in. Huge workhorse Centaurs? Dainty aristocrat Centaurs? Lithe, toned riding Centaurs? Yes please. Mountain Centaurs? Plains Centaurs? Forest Centaurs? Underdark Centaurs? Definitely. Centaurs with human tops? Elf tops? Maybe there are Faun centaurs with Gnome tops, or Nightmare centaurs with Tiefling tops?


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