Something Appears!

Hey, pixies and sprites of the Internet!

First, happy New Year to those of you who are in 2017 already. And to those who will be celebrating the end of 2016, I hope you have a good evening and party (responsibly, of course)!

Second, I just completed a major project of mine. There is a website called Dungeon Master’s Guild, run by Wizards of the Coast. Here, you can post your homebrew content and sell it to people who want to use it for their own games.

While I do love my little piece of the World Wide Web here, I made an attempt to publish something on the DMG (not the Dungeon Master’s Guide, but the Guild). In tune with much of my other content I produce on Pitfalls and Pixies, it revolves around the Fae.

I present to you, the Night Market!

The Night Market was a random occurrence that I produced for my current 5th Edition game, ‘Masks of the Archfey’. I have run similar sessions like the Night Market on different occasions, and each have been called my player’s favorite game nights of the many they participated on. That made me think, that this might be something  I can sell.

Based on stories such as ‘Neverwhere’ and movies like ‘Labyrinth’, the Night Market is a monthly bazaar of the bizarre (see what I did there?). It sells everything from the mundane to the macabre: spices, shrunken heads, cursed items and bent spoons. And each time the Market comes into town, the merchant are all different. It leads to repeated visits and all of them are different.

In the Night Market document, there are two new playable races: Dryad and Selkie. One is a displaced spirit of the forest, while the other are shapeshifting seal-beings hailing from Irish and Scottish folklore. There are also NPC ideas, plot hooks, inspiration points to run a Night Market as well as traps to foil your players! All priced at just a single dollar.

If you purchase The Night Market, please let me know what you think! I’d love feedback of the content inside of it!

Everyone, have a good New Year! Stay magical!






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