The Green Man: A Warlock Patron for D&D 5E

Hello, pixies and sprites!

I’ve been rather quiet on my end, but I am hoping to pump out some more new content for you guys out there on the Internet.

Starting the new year off with some shiny content, I’ve been wanting to create more content for the Warlock class for a while. Well, I finally brushed off some of what I was working on.

Behold, the Green Man! A Druid-esque option for your Warlock! There are also new Eldritch Invocations for you to use.


leshenAn elusive being who resides in the woods, the Green Man is sometimes called the direct opponent of the Archfey despite their personalities being similar. But the difference is that this stalwart guardian of the wildest places is a much more nurturing and guiding sort of folk, who is not afraid to bring physical harm and ruin should one endanger him or his domain.

He is both an apex predator, and a teacher all at once. Those who are willing to face his many trials are often rewarded with mastery of their own abilities as well as control of nature. But at what cost?

Druids are loathe to work with Green Man Warlocks, but see them as staunch allies when fighting corruption of the natural world: even if their methods differ from their own.

Expanded Green Man Spell List

Spell Level      Spell

1st Entangle, Goodberry
2nd Spike Growth, Beast Sense
3rd Conjure Animals, Sleet Storm
4th Stoneskin, Conjure Woodland Beings
5th Tree Stride, Insect Plague

Green Step

At 1st level, your patron bestows upon you the ability to traverse any terrain of the natural world. Difficult terrain does not halve your move speed across it, and you can cross it normally. In addition, you may choose to leave tracks or not in mundane terrain as well. If terrain is deemed ‘magical’, this does not apply and your move speed is halved as normal.


Wylde Hunter’s Call

At 6th level, you may use your action to summon forth a swarm of beasts to aid you and your allies. You may chose from: 1d4 Swarm of Ravens, Swarm of Quippers, and Swarm of Insects, or a Swarm of Poisonous Snakes. They treat you and your allies as friendly, and appear next to you in 1d4 rounds while taking the quickest route to you. Roll initiative for each Swarm individually. The Swarms flee if they reach zero hit points or the Warlock dispels them from his control.

Once you use this, you regain it at the end of a short or long rest.


Nature’s Ally

At 10th level, you begin to become more in tune with the wild aspects of the Green Man. As an action, you may shift your physical form to that of a creature with the Beast descriptor that you have seen. The total CR of that creature cannot exceed half of your Warlock level.

You regain this feature on a short or long rest.


From Death, Life

At 14th level, you select a target and cause ensnaring vines to choke the life out of them. As an action, you may choose one target you can see within 30 feet of you. That target must make a Dexterity saving throw equal to you Warlock spell casting save. On a failure, massive vines twist forth from the ground and around said target, which drains 2d10 health. Their health is then given to you. On a success, the target is not affected by this.

You regain this feature on a short or long rest.


New Eldritch Invocations


Warlock Punch

Prerequisites: Pact of the Blade

When you make an attack with a melee weapon, soulbound or not, you may add a boost of eldritch magic to the attack. In addition to the damage output of the attack, in the case that it hits you may cast eldritch blast through your weapon. This applies to an Unarmed Strike as well, causing a d4 + your Dexterity modifier + a d10 dice roll. This does not stack with other Invocations, such as agonizing blast.


Image of My Patron

Prerequisites: Pact of the Tome, 5th level.

You can make minor pacts with lesser creatures which share your patron’s typing: fey for the Archfey, demons for Fiend and aberrations for the Great Old One. They must be at least two levels below your Warlock level. The pact-makers must be willing to do so, and it must be a mutual agreement between the two beings: the Warlock and the one the Warlock is making a pact with.

On your adventures, you may make pacts with creatures which fall under your patron’s domain. For each pact made, you pay 50 gold for the inks to inscribe its name into your tome.


Growth Spurt

Prerequisites: Pact of the Chain

When your familiar is summoned, you may make it one to two sizes larger than its current size. With this, not only does its size category increase but you may choose one stat to increase as well. Anything over a size Small creature requires a Concentration check equal to 10 plus your Charisma modifier to keep it in this size. If concentration is broken, the familiar becomes its usual size. You regain this on a short or long rest.

Once per long rest though, you may cast this as a ritual. Casting it as such takes four hours to do so, and your familiar remains in their enlarged state until the start of the next day.


Curse of Coldness

Prerequisites: 9th level

You can cast the spell Sleet Storm, without expending a spell slot.



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