Redcaps, Faerie Dragonborn and More! New Races for 5th Edition

Hello, Pixies and Sprites! (Background unrelated to any new content: I just thought it looked cool)

With Volo’s Guide to Monsters out for a good chunk of time and allowing myself ample time to read over it, it dawned on me that there are monsters to be converted into playable races. Case in point, the Redcap.

This excuse to make a angry midget-like sickle-wielding lunatic was too good to pass up, and I used it as a segway to make more fey-themed races.

These are also going to be a small portion of the new ‘Big Book of Fey’ that I’m working on for Dungeon Master’s Guild. So when that’s all completed, I’ll let you guys here know first!



Art ftom ‘Volo’s Guide to Monsters’ (2017, Wizards of the Coast)

Small but bloodthirsty creatures, approximately the same size of a Halfling, Redcaps are known for the scarlet hats which they wear upon their heads. More then just a classy fashion statement, these head coverings hold a gristly source of their pride: after each of their kills, a Redcap soaks it in the spilt blood of their enemies. Some say that the more blood is accumulated, the more power the Redcap gains.

As a Redcap, you have the following traits:
–  Ability Score Increase: Your Strength increases by two, and your Constitution increases by one. Both powerful in build and hearty in stature, they are predators in their own right though they do not look it.
– Size: Redcaps average between two and four feet high, which they never exceed this height. There is a good reason why some call them “kneecap rippers”.
– Recap Handiness: you are proficient with sickles, short swords and light armor.
– Skills: You are proficient in Athletics and Intimidation.
– Languages: you know how to speak and write Sylvan and Common. Though, it is not uncommon for some particularily intelligent Redcaps to also know Dwarven or even Terran. You may choose one of these other languages in replacement of the starting two.
–  Darkvision: You can see in the dark for up to 60 feet in shades of grey.
–  Outsize Strength: When you are grappling, you are considered to be a creature of Medium size. Also, holding a heavy weapon does not impose  disadvantage on your attack roll.

Dragonborn Varient: FaerieImage result for dnd fairy dragonborn

While Dragonborn on the Material Plane value strength and stamina, those touched by the magic of the Faeries desire agility and lithe beauty above all else. Being fleet-footed and cunning has kept these smaller dragon-folk out of trouble, or possibly gotten themselves into more then they desire.

Far more whimsical, they embody the playful nature of the Faerie realm: oftentimes, they love to partake in light-hearted trickery which never does too much harm. If it does come to a combat situation, Faerie Dragonborn would rather use their Euphoria Breath ro confuse enemies and flee.

As a Faerie Dragonborn, your traits are slightly different from others with a chromatic or metallic lineage:
– Ability Score Increases: Your Dexterity increases by two, and your Charisma bv one. Faerie Dragonborn need to be quick to avoid those who prey on them, and chatty in order to talk themselves in or out of a bind.
– Languages: You can read, write and speak Draconic, Sylvan,and Common, Most Faerie Dragonborn though prefer to speak in Sylvan, however.
– Breath Weapon: Euphoria (recharge 5-6): 10 ft, one target. You breathe out a cloud of euphoria gas at one creature within 10 feet of it. The target must succeed on a DC Wisdom saving throw of 13, or for one minute the target cat take reactions and must roll a d6 at the start of each turn to determine its behavior for that turn.
1-4: The target takes no action or bonus action and uses all of its movement to move in a random direction.
5-6: The target doesn’t move, and the only thing it can do on its turn is make a DC saving throw of 15, ending the effect on itself on a success.
– Pixie Minded: You have advantage on saves against being charmed by spells or spell-like effects.
– Faerie Casting: As a creature associated with the land of Faerie, you have a well of innate magical power. As you level, you gain the following spells and can cast them without components. At Level 1, you know the cantrip dancing lights. At Level 3, you can cast color spray  at a 2nd Level spell slot. At Level 5, you learn mirror image and can cast this once per day, regained on a long rest.


Tiefling Varient: Night Hag Blooded

Image result for d&d night hag
Artwork from D&D 5E Monster Manual


Wen a person’s mind thinks of Tieflings, automatically they believe that the source of their hellish parentage came from a demon, such as a Cambion or Incubus. Just like any race there is a wide variance in what caused Tieflings to be born.

A curious happening is when a Night Hag decides to take a mortal male lover, most likely forced love, and produces a tiefling offspring which shares her features. Many of these offspring grow up to pursue darker paths without realizing that it is a path that is spawned from their distant fiendish relative.

As a Night Hag Blood Tiefling, you have the following traits which differ slightly from that of normal kin:
– Your Intelligence increases by two, and your Charisma increases by one.
– Languages: you can read, write and speak Abyssal and Common.
– Darkvision: you can see in the dark, like your Night Hag ancestor, up to 60 feet. You see in shades of grey and not color.

–  Night Hag Casting: as a Tiefling with Night Hag blood in you, you can cast the following spells innately which you gain at certain levels. At level one, you gain the thaumaturgy cantrip. At level 3, you learn the spell sleep which you can cast once and regain back on a short or long rest. At level 5, you learn magic missile and can cast this once per day, regaining it on a long rest.

-Fiendish Resistance: you have resistance to cold damage.


All content is for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (Wizards of the Coast), and created by Pitfalls and Pixies (Faith D’Ambrosio). If used, please give credit where credit is due.

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