D&D 5E: Fire More Magic!

This is going to be the second time I play an Arcane Archer (Fighter subtype) from Unearthed Arcana. Though, the first one was a multiclass Raven Queen Bladelock with her preferred weapon being longbow. I know, a Warlock not maining Eldritch Blast? Heresy!

The options for Arcane Shots are a good and varied lot, so I have no complaints on there. But what if we wanted more options? Because we all know more options are good!

So, presented here are some other ideas for more Arcane Shots. Many are modeled after the effects of some spells and/or abilities of other classes. May you always get your hit from a distance!


Art: Takumi from the ‘Fire Emblem’ games. Copyright: Nintendo.
  • Clerical Shot: you chose an ally within your firing range. The Clerical Shot does not damage them, and instead heals your ally for 2d10+their Constitution modifier.
  • Misty Shot: you shoot a hazy pink gaseous arrow at a foe. On a hit, they take the stationary force damage from your Arcane Shot. As a bonus action, you may teleport to where the target is and make a single melee weapon attack against them
  • Elemental Shot: you shoot a target within range. On a hit, they also take 2d6 elemental damage of your choice: either fire, cold, acid, poison or thunder damage. Resistances and immunities are ignored, as it is counted as magical damage plus that elemental type.
  • Frenzied Shot: you shoot a target, who must make a Wisdom saving throw equal to 8+your Dexterity modifier+proficiency bonus. On a failure, the target must attack once on the nearest target that is within range of them. They are not affected by the effects of your Frenzied Shot once they successfully attack. If the target is attacked before an action can be taken against one of it’s allies, they have advantage on their saving throw.
  • Draining Shot: you shoot a black arrow wreathed in green energy. A target hit by your Draining Shot must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8+your Dexterity modifier+your proficiency modifier. On a failure, chose one of their stats. That stat is decreased by one.
  • Favored Shot: you shoot an arrow at a target. On a hit, you chose a creature typing from the following: celestial, fey, beast, abberant, monstrosity. Creatures of that typing have advantage on hitting the target for 1 minute.
  • Lightened Shot: you shoot a white arrow at a target. On a hit, the target is wreathed in glowing energy. They do not gain benefits from being invisible or hidden via Stealth.
  • Reaper’s Shot: you shoot a skeletal arrow at a target. On a hit, the target takes an additional 3d8 necrotic damage when a critical hit is scored on the creature. This effect ends when they take that critical hit.
  • Cold Iron Shot: you shoot a frigid arrow. A fey creature hit by this arrow takes an additional 2d8 cold damage that cannot be ignored.
  • Demonic Shot: you shoot a heated arrow at a target, centered at a weapon they are holding. On a hit, the target must make a DC Constitution saving throw equal to 8+your Dexterity modifier+your proficiency bonus. On a failure, they take 1d10 fire damage and drop their weapon, similar to the effect of the heat metal spell.
  • Vampiric Shot: you fire a magical arrow at a target, who must make a DC Constitution saving throw equal to 8+your Dexterity modifier+your proficiency bonus. On a hit, they lose 2d6 hit points and you gain that many back.
  • Shapeshifter’s Shot: you fire an arrow wreathed in moonlight. A shapeshifter hit by this arrow must make a DC Constitution saving throw equal to 8+your Dexterity modifier+your proficiency bonus. On a failure, they revert to their animal form for the next round.

Content is made by Faith at Pitfalls and Pixies (brynvalk.wordpress.com), and for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is copyright to Wizards of the Coast. 

Traversing Tyria: 5E Content from Guild Wars 2

Greetings, adventurers!

So, I did this as a personal project to show my love of one of my favorite games for the PC. I will say though: trying to convert some of the mechanics from one game into a tabletop sort proved to be challenging at times. But I think I have a solid  grasp on it.

In this PDF, we have several new  races: the Asura, Charr, Exalted and Sylvari. There is also a gross abomination called the Mordrem, which you can look up or read more about in the document. There is also a handful of magical items, based off of some of the things you can find in the game.

I hope that some of my fellow GW2 players find their way to this page and get a kick and some mild level of amusement out of this!

With that said, I’m going to work on my Nevermore right now and do some Fractals. Stay nerdy!

You can get the PDf (for free!) here! Make sure you link back to this blog if you decide on sharing it with others. Traversing Tyria PDF

All material in the ‘Traversing Tyria’ PDF file is a work of fandom. All terms, races, and characters belong to ArenaNet/Guild Wars 2. Conversion into Dungeons and Dragons 5E done by Faith at Brynvalk.Wordpress.com. 

A Trove of Projects

Hello, Pixies and Sprites of the internet!

I apologize for not totally updating this blog very often it seems. I have been working on so many large-scale projects and I get really wrapped up in them!

But fret not! I have been creating, it just hasn’t been on here.

First, there is the latest one.  ‘The Big Book of Fey’ is, as you can probably guess from the title, a massive collection of new fey-themed content! Fitting from the creator of this blog, after all. There are three all-new races and two faerie takes on two in the Player’s Handbook, plus monsters galore as well as magical items. Did I mention two different stat blocks for Archfey?

The Summoner: A Conjuring Class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has been a long-standing project which isn’t totally finished (because let’s face it, when are projects completely done?). You may have seen the first draft of this pact-creating class, but the current iteration is up and running!

The Night Market: An Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition was the first Dungeon Master’s Guild creation I made, where you venture into a faerie marketplace full of plot hooks and danger. Included in it are two new races, the Dryad and Selkie!

Currently though? I am looking for more themed projects to do for DM’s Guild. I have ideas but none of them are set into stone, so we’ll see where they’re going. I would greatly appreciate you supporting me on DM’s Guild so I can create more content for you people. : )

Back to the drawing board, lovelies!