A Trove of Projects

Hello, Pixies and Sprites of the internet!

I apologize for not totally updating this blog very often it seems. I have been working on so many large-scale projects and I get really wrapped up in them!

But fret not! I have been creating, it just hasn’t been on here.

First, there is the latest one.  ‘The Big Book of Fey’ is, as you can probably guess from the title, a massive collection of new fey-themed content! Fitting from the creator of this blog, after all. There are three all-new races and two faerie takes on two in the Player’s Handbook, plus monsters galore as well as magical items. Did I mention two different stat blocks for Archfey?

The Summoner: A Conjuring Class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has been a long-standing project which isn’t totally finished (because let’s face it, when are projects completely done?). You may have seen the first draft of this pact-creating class, but the current iteration is up and running!

The Night Market: An Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition was the first Dungeon Master’s Guild creation I made, where you venture into a faerie marketplace full of plot hooks and danger. Included in it are two new races, the Dryad and Selkie!

Currently though? I am looking for more themed projects to do for DM’s Guild. I have ideas but none of them are set into stone, so we’ll see where they’re going. I would greatly appreciate you supporting me on DM’s Guild so I can create more content for you people. : )

Back to the drawing board, lovelies!

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