Traversing Tyria: 5E Content from Guild Wars 2

Greetings, adventurers!

So, I did this as a personal project to show my love of one of my favorite games for the PC. I will say though: trying to convert some of the mechanics from one game into a tabletop sort proved to be challenging at times. But I think I have a solid  grasp on it.

In this PDF, we have several new  races: the Asura, Charr, Exalted and Sylvari. There is also a gross abomination called the Mordrem, which you can look up or read more about in the document. There is also a handful of magical items, based off of some of the things you can find in the game.

I hope that some of my fellow GW2 players find their way to this page and get a kick and some mild level of amusement out of this!

With that said, I’m going to work on my Nevermore right now and do some Fractals. Stay nerdy!

You can get the PDf (for free!) here! Make sure you link back to this blog if you decide on sharing it with others. Traversing Tyria PDF

All material in the ‘Traversing Tyria’ PDF file is a work of fandom. All terms, races, and characters belong to ArenaNet/Guild Wars 2. Conversion into Dungeons and Dragons 5E done by Faith at 

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