Season of the Dragon: A Preview

Hello, Pixies and Sprites!

With summertime coming up on us fairly quickly (at least in my hemisphere, that is),  I’ve started a new project that will hopefully be done on time with the first  day of it. Titled ‘Season of the Dragon’, it has- you guessed it- TONS of dragon-related material.

I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview at what it has to offer. Including new deity-like dragons for your party to encounter. Note: they will most likely kill the party without trying.


Mecadiah the Undying Pyre: first born of the god Indorva, lord of magic, he rules over all fire in any form it may  take. A intellectual and a scholar, do not be fooled by his shapechanged appearance: that of an elderly elven man dressed in simple robes.

Mecadiah 2

Azureth the Brilliant Dephs: a capricious daughter and the second born, Azureth presides over water in its many forms. She is not to be trifled though, as her scorn is as dangerous as her actual draconic form.


Volnarveh the Everstanding: the third born and second daughter, her personality is jovial and hearty, much like the dwarves she shares her terrain with. However, do not let her smiles and her guffaws trick you into letting your guard down.

Volnarveh 2

Saqueth the Ever-Billowing: the final son of Indorva, he is a mystery for he rarely comes down from the skies which he presides over. However, if encountered he is more then happy to stop his atmospheric flight patterns and talk to the curious land-dwellers.


Want more? These beasties of a divine nature and more will be released with ‘Season of the Dragon’, including two new subtypes for Monk and Warlock!

In other news, I wanted to thank players and Game Masters on Dungeon Master’s Guild for supporting my work! In the past couple of months, you guys have shown your support for my content over there and I can’t be more thrilled! Below are links to my published PDF’s on the site.

The Summoner: A Conjuring Class for 5th Edition. My first stab at a new class for the system.

The Night Market: An Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

The Big Book of Fey: Expanded Faerie Themed Content for 5th Edition  A HUGE document of faerie-related stuff, including new races and subtypes for races, items and a slew of monsters.

Shifting Sands: Egyptian Themed Content for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This includes several new backgrounds as well as a whole host of monsters, including the serpent Apophis and the guardian of the underworld known as Ammut the Devourer.

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