December RPG Blog Carnival: It’s In A Book

blog carnibal.jpgWizards know the allure of parchment-filled tomes: after all, it is here where their most prized and powerful spells are. Not only for those who learn the magic that course through the realms, books are gateways to knowledge previously not known or misunderstood.

They invoke a strange aura to them, books. Whether they be scrolls, leather-bound things found in ancient monasteries or kept in the collection of an eccentric businessman, we, as gamers, oftentimes find ourselves drawing inspiration from the books in our own lives.

No doubt that the creators of Wizards of the Coast were inspired by Tolkien’s hobbits for their Halfling race;  the dryads of Greek mythology lay in the Monster Manual as does the half-bovine Minotaur and Medusa. The noble Griffin too, seen oftentimes as a terror of both land and sky. And who can forget dragons, seen in everything from the final encounter with Beowulf , to the Hydra fighting Hercules, and the three “children” of Danaerys Targaryan of Game of Thrones fame.

Which is where you come in, dear readers.

For the month of December, the RPG Blog Carnival is coming around: its caravan decked with silver bells, Faerie Fire lights aglow to ward off the winter chills, and the sound of jovial singing is on the wind. They invite you to their firesides for a yuletide celebration of merrymaking and storytelling, and who knows? You may go to your own home, passing on a story of your own.

THE BASIS: Write an article based on the theme of the month, which is literature in its wide formats. Post it up on your blog, and include a link to this post for the month of ‘It’s In a Book’. At the end of the month, when the carnival leaves this part of Faerieland, all of the submitted posts will be compiled and posted on one master page.

Special thanks to Roleplaying Tips for hosting the year-long event! 


14 thoughts on “December RPG Blog Carnival: It’s In A Book

  1. Here I am, talking about the book that, in some sort of way, binds most of my campaign together. I apologize of the late and short entry, I’m actually in the middle of a holiday trip 🙂 Happy New Year, everyone!


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