A Wandering Occultist’s Guide to Racial Curses

Hello, Pixies and Sprites!

Its been some time since I’ve readily posted anything (I have been doing a lot of work on stuff on Dungeon Master’s Guild), but I figured ‘let me dust off the ol’ WordPress and see what I can do over here for everyone’!

Curses: whats not to love about them? If you’re a player character, a lot. They can be annoying or downright deadly.

But what if not all curses operated the same? Here, I’ve decided to step away from the usual and make cursed items that are specific to different races.

Keep in mind, theres only a few shown here. If you have a “fun” idea of your own, post it in the comments section: I’d love to see what you make.



Ancestor’s Armor (requires attunement, very rare): this divine armor, with the images of angels in flight upon it, can only be worn by Aasimar. While attuned to it, you have immunity to the damage type you usually have resistance to, based on your Aasimar subtype.

Curse: while attuned to the armor, you have vulnerability to one type of damage out of the following: fire, cold, lightning, thunder, poison, force.


Token of Tiamat (requires attunement, very rare): this brooch, made of five different types of gemstones, glistens in the sun when held up to it. When attuned to the Token of Tiamat, you gain advantage on weapon attacks against creatures with the dragon subtype as well as Persuasion and Intimidation.

In addition, when you are struck by the same elemental damage your Breath Weapon does, you take no damage and heal for half of the damage you would have taken.

Curse: when attuned to this item, you have vulnerability to a specific elemental type. At the beginning of each day, roll a d6. The roll of the die dictates what you are vulnerable to.

1: Fire

2: Cold

3: Poison

4: Acid

5: Lightning

6: Nothing happens.

A spell such as remove curse can remove the Curse from the person affected by it.


Weapons of Elf Slaying (rare, requires attunement): the dwarves are known for their general dislike of elves, which even is applied to some weapons. While attuned to a weapon of this kind, you deal an extra 2d8 to creatures considered elves.

Curse: you have disadvantage on spells and spell-like effects cast by creatures considered elven or fey in nature.


Opal Spider Charm (Dark Elf/Wood Elf)(Rare, requires attunement): An obsidian trinket, carved to resemble a predatory spider, shines with facets cut by a skilled hand. When attuned to the Opal Spider Charm, you gain the ability to walk on walls akin to a spider. In addition, surfaces covered in webs do not count as difficult terrain for you.

Curse: once you are attuned to this ring, your vision is greatly impeded by sunlight. You gain a modified Sunlight Hypersensitivity. When you start your turn in sunlight, you take 1d10 radiant damage and you have disadvantage on checks to sight-based Perception checks and attack rolls.

A spell such as remove curse can remove the Curse from the person affected by it.


Miria’s Ring of Beastly Wonder (Rare, requires attunement): This wooden ring, embedded with black sapphires, gives off druidic magic. Once per day, you may use your action to Wild Shape into a beast who’s Challenge Rating is equal to half your total character level. You may use this item once per day, regaining use at the start of the next morning.

Curse: once you use this ring, your stats are replaced by the stats of the beast you turned into for the next day. This wears off at the start of the next day.

A spell such as remove curse can remove the Curse from the person affected by it.



Meepo’s Dragon Fury (dagger, requires attunement): this dagger, which is too small for most standard races to wield, has the image of a deadly White Dragon etched onto the blade. While you are attuned to this weapon, you have immunity to cold damage, and you can use your Grovel, Cower and Beg feature an extra time, regaining it on a short or long rest.

You also gain a Dragon Breath Weapon which deals cold damage (standard Dragonborn Breath Weapon recharge time and range).

Curse: when you are attuned to Meepo’s Dragon Fury, creatures with the dragon subtype as well as Dragonborn, Half-Dragons, Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers, and any creature predominately affiliated with dragons has advantage on attacks to hit you as well as saving throws.



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