Tabletop Tales: the RPG Blog Carnival, July 2018

Welcome back, pixies and sprites, to my corner of Internet insanity!

Why do we play our favorite tabletop games? This is my question to you, the reader.

It could be a combination of many aspects: the thrill of being your own hero, perhaps your character was chosen by the fickle hands of fate to be the harbinger of the end of days even. Maybe you’re nothing more then a peasant man who discovered his love of the natural world, or a minstrel with a bad case of sticky fingers.

But if your responsibility to a gaming group for you falls as the position as the Game/Dungeon Master, you know that one of the key ingredients to keep players coming back to your table is simple and complex at the same time. This is the story itself.

The story is what draws players in. It is what develops characters, ensures all-too-numerous hours of organization on your end, and ultimately why we are all joined in this past time. Yes, some stories drag on for too long or end abruptly, but at the heart of the hobby, the story and  the tales which are told will always remain a most vital aspect. Dare I say, even more important then dice *gasp*!

Okay, so maybe the story is on part with dice, which these lovely ones are one of my newest sets. You can find the dice for sale here. ) 

For July, the theme for the RPG Blog Carnival is Tabletop Tales! You’re probably wondering, “what the heck in Tiamat’s name is that theme all about?”. I’m glad you asked (and yes, I did put this post up a few days early so that way I can start getting people’s ideas flowing)!

Tabletop Tales is a theme where contributors can write any number of articles and posts, revolving around the stories told at the table. A list of ideas are provided below, to get your creative gears going:

  • As a DM, what was a plot point you are especially proud of in your last game?
  • Criticism of official and unofficial campaign module’s storylines (Curse of Strahd, Rise of Tiamat, etc.)
  • The exploits of your characters, both good and bad
  • The role of stories and legends in your game(s)
  • Lore behind your world(s)
  • Legendary boss battle recounts that are worthy of a DM giving out Inspiration

Once you’ve written your post (or two, or three if you’re feeling brave!), come back to this page when it’s completed and post a link to the entry. At the end of the month, I’ll make another post that will have all the links to those who contributed to the theme of July.

I know I have several ideas planned out for my own contributions, and I look forward to seeing your entries!

The RPG Blog Carnival is run by ‘Of Dice and Dragons’, and you can find all of the previous entries to the Carnival here on this handy dandy link. 



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