2018 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap Up: Tabletop Tales

As July ends and we go into August, the Carnival enters town and leaves once more, providing inspiration and festivities to passerby.

Rodney and his group plays through the series ‘Stranger Things’ and accounts their misadventures.

Doctor Necrotic recounts various campaigns he has played in, including one of my own.

A mischievous Furtive Goblin has a very odd first campaign situation, and speaks of it here.

Magic: The Gathering is a love of Gonz, and he talks about ‘having to wear Prada’ for his game group.

While the posts were few and far between, I enjoyed each and every one of them! If you didn’t send me your article yet, no worries: just send me the link and I’ll update the list with your contribution.

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