The Ghost Host’s Manor

Welcome back, foolish mortals.

As All Hallow’s Eve creeps up on us on Wednesday this year, I figured that many of us are most likely encorperating spooky aspects of the holiday into our upcoming sessions. Whether they be homebrew campaigns or just something to add some extra ‘oomph’ to your Curse of Strahd game, here’s something that may help.

My real-life friends know what a nerd I am for Disney World and the storylines for their attractions (Expedition Everest being one of my favorites but I’m not here to write a Disney travel blog). And while I could talk about any number of things from the parks and movies, here’s something to keep in spirit with the time of the year.

‘The Ghost Host’s Manor’ is a homage to a classic Disney World attraction, and should be fairly obvious to which one it is. Inside of the PDF you’ll find stats on the Ghost Host himself, the mystic Madame Leota and the singing statues which reside in the mansion’s gardens. Just don’t forget to beware of hitchhiking ghosts.

The Ghost Host’s Manor

This is not a serious piece and is a creation of pure fandom, not ment to be reproduced for sales and currency. Fun and holiday spirit is the most important thing here! 

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