June RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up: The Third Fey March

As the official start of summer gets underway steadily, the Fair Folk pack their caravans and begin to slowly, quietly, drift into the tors and mounds which they call passageways to their home. They leave as quickly as they arrived, with passerby’s never the wiser.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Third Fey March! You guys astounded once again with the theme, and I wanted a moment to showcase all the entries for the month of July.

Here are those who put their creativity into the theme this month:

3 thoughts on “June RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up: The Third Fey March

  1. Thank you for hosting! Fae are often underrepresented so thanks for giving them a spotlight too.

    Strange and Norrell gave me loads of ideas for a fae-themed England campaign world; the Raven King, faerie roads, folk magic, faerie meddling and ambitions…


  2. Love your content!! I am creating an Infinite Library of Wonder that has Fae and Clockwork themes for our home game! Just wanted to let you know your blog has helped fill out the adventure so much that I don’t think the party wants to leave!


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