RPG Blog Carnival 2020: Cat Got Your Tongue?

Good morning, afternoon and evening, my dear friends of the written word!

As November rolls in with the passing of October’s autumnal winds, one can hear the chattering of voices in the mist of the morning; a raucous laughter from tree tops and awaking to find that your right shoe and left sock are now missing. Who could have been afoot last night while you were slumbering?

In nearly every culture, there are stories of crafty spirits who love nothing more then causing mischief for the unwary and sometimes stupid. Loki, Sun Wukong, and other notable names. However, there are older tales (or should I say, tails) of those who take on the forms of beasts and animals to get their schemes across to humans.

For November’s carnival coming to town, Pitfalls and Pixies is proud to host ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’, focusing on tricksters spirits and animals who take up that psychopompic mantle for themselves.

What can you wonderful people provide? Why, these are just some ideas!

  • Converting mythological figures into stat blocks for enemies and NPC’s to encounter
  • Got an enticing story of a memorable encounter? We want to hear all about it!
  • The magical and mundane items that such characters utilize to make their antics happen
  • Have you ever played a character who could fit into this role?
  • How have tricksters shaped your campaign world/storylines/etc? Or derailed them for that matter?
  • Spells that such beings have at their disposal to make merry chaos

Featured Art (Cover): Witch Trell, kenket (DeviantArt)

To check out the previous month’s RPG Blog Carnival themes, visit the official source page the event and inquire about signing up for next year’s Carnival! https://ofdiceanddragons.com/rpg-blog-carnival/

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