RPG Blog Carnival November 2020 Wrap-Up

What is up, my fellow nerds of the Internet!

The Carnival has departed for the month of November: they have surely heard the ringing of sleigh bells as Old Saint Nick begins to prepare for a busy work season.

Without further hesistation, here is the collection of entries for last month’s theme of ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’!

The Other Side gives us a crash course in Finnish mythology: https://theotherside.timsbrannan.com/2020/11/one-mans-god-finnish-mythos.html

Codex Anathema asks us the important question on why cats are the best familiar in the multiverse: http://codexanathema.com/2020/11/20/felis-felinae/

Daemons and Deathrays sends us on a trek to Ravenloft and includes our theme in a roster of creepy critters: https://daemonsanddeathrays.wordpress.com/2020/11/06/monsters-of-forbidden-realms/

The Rennaisance Gamer talks about how to add some more Fae shenanigans into your game: https://therathole.ca/renaissance-gamer-11-02-20/

Thank you to all who have participated in this whimsical and strange topic, and have a wonderful day out there!

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