Circle of the Faerie Grove – A Fey-themed Druid Circle for D&D 5th Edition

Another post done by both me and my good friend Doctor Necrotic. This one is featuring a new Circle for 5e Druids, based around the fae!

Daemons & Deathrays

While all druids build a divine connection with nature, some seek out the fair folk.  Perhaps they’re seen as the spiritual embodiment of nature or perhaps their secrets can help to bring enlightenment.  Whatever the reason, this druidic circle exists.  These druids are typically involved in faerie court politics, whether by choice or by force.  Despite this, this order tries to maintain druidic ideals of natural balance and neutrality, even if its fae influence could be viewed as heretical in some sects.

These fey-focused druids are perhaps more in tune with nature than many other circles.  Or at the very least, magicks associated with nature and related supernatural beings.  These druids often commune with mystical creatures and traverse portals between our realm and the Fey Realm of Arcadia.  Many take the roles of emissaries and guides for fey and material plane dwellers alike.

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