Monsters of D&D: The Iaraan ​​Fuar

Hello, Pixies and Sprites!

My good friend/ally/general weird person has his end of the monthly RPG Blog Carnival for the month of July. And in true Doctor Necrotic fashion, the theme is gritty and bleak Grimdark.

Now, Grimdark isn’t my choice I’m subject matter. I like my fantasy exactly that: fantastical with distinct elven notes to it, but I decided to give myself a mental and thematic whirl by combining grundgy Grimdark with the Fair Folk themselves.

Enjoy the madness!

img_5743The Iaraan Faur, also known as Metal Faeries, are the supposed remnants of a pure and elegant race of magical sylvan creatures. Reknowned for their knowledge of gems and precious stones, they were sought out highly by any number of beings: dwarves for commission partners, humans for trade, dragons out of nothing but pure greed.

But their reign came to an eventual end by the hands of progress. Mortals made advancements in their technology and science; these leaps and bounds ran off into the rivers, the canyons and the secret passages of the Fey Folk.

Over time due to this exposure, to the toxins in soil and rock, they began to change and for the worst. Their skin changed to light grey which often was bespeckled with fluorescent green due to radiation; limbs grew to extremely gangly lengths over generations. But the most noticible change though was a complete immunity to the dreaded substance known as cold iron, which to many fey creatures was seen as certain death.

Iaraan Fuar – medium fey, lawful evil

AC: 18

HP: 217

Move Speed: 35 ft., burrow/dig 60

Strength: 22 (+6)  Dexterity: 15 (+3)    Constitution: 25 (+8)   Intelligence:  19 (+4)  Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 17 (+3)



Saving Throws: Strength +11, Dexterity +8, Constitution +13


Skills:  Perception +8, Intimidation +8, Persuasion +8

Damage Immunities: cold, weapons made or covered in cold iron, piercing, slashing and


bludgeoning damage from nonmagical weapons

Damage Resistances: poison, acid, necrotic

Condition Immunities: charmed, blinded, petrified, paralyzed

Senses: tremorsense 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception

Challenge Rating (CR): 13

Innate Spellcasting: the Iaraan Faur can cast the following spells without material


components. Charisma is its casting stat.

At will: poison spray, toll the dead, ice knife

3/day each: faerie fire,  vampiric touch, moonbeam

2/ day each: blight, contagion 

Magical Weapons: the Iaraan Fuar’s weapons are magical.

Tremoresense: the Iaraan Fuar can sense movements in the ground. They do not need to see a target to know where they are.

Earth Glide: the Iaraan Fuar can move through the earth without disrupting it.


Multiattack: the Iaraan Fuar can attack three times with its Meteor Hammer.

Meteor Hammer: Melee weapon, +11 to hit, one target, range 10 feet. Hit: 2d12+6 bludgeoning damage. On a hit, target makes a DC Strength saving throw 18 or be knocked prone.

Sinkhole (recharge 5-6): the Iaraan Fuar utters an ancient sylvan command which causes the earth to open up below a designated target. The hole is 15 feet across in all directions and can be up to 50 feet deep. The Iaraan Fuar can use a bonus action then to utter the same phrase in reverse to close the hole.

While the creature is stuck in the hole, they can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution modifier. After such, they begin to take incremental damage on their turns. It begins at 1d6 and increases by 1d6 for each round they are submerged.

The Iaraan Fuar can move into the area of the hole once it is closed and attack the target with advantage.

Summon Swarm (recharge 6): the Iaraan Fuar summons 2d4 Swarms of Cranium Rats. They go on the Iaraan Fuar’s initiative.

The Iaraan Fuar belongs to Faith D’Ambrosio. 

The Grimdark Blog Carnival belongs to Doctor Necrotic of Daemons and Deathrays.

Cold Iron and Pixie Dust: Step Into The Faerie Realm

The pre-summer evening is balmy, the croaking of bullfrogs heard in the distance. Far beyond your line of sight, where trees tower above and around you like silhouetted giants. You curse at yourself for foolishly not bringing your lantern with you or one of your companions who can see in the night-time with relative ease. But you are lost all alone, with merely star and moon light to dimly illuminate your path.

The howls of wolves echoe loud and clear, as if sensing your growing ease and nervous nature. A single wolf you could outsmart. A pack was another thing completely, and you hoped that it was not a group of Death Dogs.

Fumbling with the ring around your left middle finger, you leap over a sapling which seems to have been ripped up and its roots exposed to the world. Something might have made it it’s home, or a grave for that matter.

A foot snags on a root, and you fall forwards. Your lips kiss the ground, dirt streaking your face. With all of this, you realize that it might have been better to just have stayed in that night but a wanderlust nature in you was screaming that evening, calling you to explore these wildernesses.

When you stand once more, you can see that a fine pink mist has started to blow inwards. There there used to be scattered fireflies are larger orbs of light which wink out and shift between purple, blue and yellow: they seem to become more numerous, and one moves right through your chest without is movement slowing down.

“Hullo, wayfarer?” A voice, not quite male nor female, somewhere in between, calls. “Yes yes, do watch your step. The stones do make traversing difficult.” But there was no one before you, and you make the decision to keep going onward.

Soon, the trees part for you, almost as if sentient. Finding yourself in a clearing where a great stone circle has been constructed, a monument even. A cacophony of people are gathered here, excitedly talking to one another or being mindful of their coin purses. One by one, they are ushered into the stone ring by a jovial Tiefling man (at least physically that is what he resembles. Curious, you wait amongst the people. Some have elven ears, others cloven hooves, and even multiple sets of wings. The dancing lights move in closer to you now.

Finally it is your turn, the half-demon eying you up in a vaguely sexual manner. “Come to see the Night Market, eh? Right this way, of course ser.”

Night Market? There is no market within five miles of this place. But before you have a split second to consider what he had just said, you and ten others are hassled into the dead center of the stone circle. The pink must thickens to the consistency of soup as your head becomes woozy. “And please don’t harass the vendors. The last thing you want is an angry Minotaur charging at you.”

A moment later, the sky above you is not black but stuck in shades of twilight. A sprawling city of tents and buildings give off a carnival atmosphere only enhanced by the scent of fried food. Those you were grouped with rush forth, making room for the next arrival. As you begin to walk as well, a pink-haired pixie whizzed past your face. 

This place was betwixt realms, and the Fae were wily things. You internally made it your job to keep alert.

Even though it’s not a stretch for
what is usually my chosen to write for, it is something that there is a stark lack of for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The Monster Manual is plagued by abberants and monstrosities, with fey creatures being few and far between. That, or they are of a low Challenge Rating (a maximum of 3, in the case of the Green Hag) or creatures described as fey according to history are given different typings (both Banshee and Will-O-Wisp are classified as Undead).

As the carnival rolls into town for the month of June for the RPG Blog Carnival, it brings the strange beauty and dark delight of Faerie with it. What races shall adventurers see for themselves? Who will be willing to give quests? And a better question yet, what treasures are up for the taking should said quests be accepted? Oh, and don’t forget obsticles and traps to overcome: the fey are mischievous, after all.

What Exactly Is Going On?

It’s quite simple. For June, my blog is hosting the monthly RPG Blog Carnival, where participants write homebrew content in line with that month’s theme. You post a link up to the page where you have it uploaded to, and at the end of the month I create a master list of everything people have contributed. This month, it’s all about the Fae.