Mover and Shakers of Faustus Kil

Hello, beloved pixies and sprites of the Internet!

You can’t have a good campaign without beings in the world who cause things to happen. Not necessarily good or bad, just prominent figures who hold some level of clout among  their peers.

These would be the movers and shakers of a world, which is the topic of the July RPG Blog Carnival held over at In My Campaign. Make sure to drop by, post a comment and participate in the carnival this month, if you’re so inclined.

I wanted to provide a list of some NPC’s that have appeared in my own home campaign, ‘The Many Eyes of the Magi’, which you can listen to the first episode of up here.

There are also just some important  figures from some character’s backstories as well. If you’d like to use any of them, ASK PERMISSION FIRST.

Ahri 1

Ahri: Ahri is a white fey fox, the familiar of the Warlock named Kaiyu Ashpaw in my Many Eyes of the Magi campaign. Sneaky and as full of snark as her master, she is currently roaming Faustus Kil looking for a way to return to her family in the Realm of Wonder after master Ashpaw met his death.

Ahri has two forms: one is her standard fox form, which she started the campaign as. However, due to silliness from Kaiyu and the events of the story, she had gained the ability to take on a kitsune-esque pixie form. Since she was an innately magical creature from Faerie-Land, she was able to shapeshift between each form at will. This allowed her to blend in even with mundane populations.

Ahri 2



Pine/Mandrake: Pine, also known as Mandrake by those who do not know the truth of his real identity, is an agent of the Winter Court and Aiosidhe (translating to Archfey in the Common language) and the lead assassin of Aiosidhe Nim the Permafrost Heart. He is a charismatic Dryad, bearing the Major Arcana mark of the Lovers and appropriately enough, the boyfriend of a fellow winter agent named Thistle.

He uses numerous fake names when interracting with people on the mundane world, including Mandrake (after all, Dryads often take their names from plantlife and animals). His favored dagger, Venomspite, is a gift from the Archfey herself.

Pine stats.jpg


Related image

Pitch: a small Faerie Dragon of a unique shade, midnight black scales and purple-blue wings, Pitch is the familiar of a Kobold Summoner named Drisk. He shows little care for laws, and considers only the words of his scaled master as rules to  follow…but only more as guidelines.

Pitch will do things such as stealing platinum from gambling tables and lemons from food stalls, to harassing studying mages by turning invisible and causing them to hear kazoos ringing in the back of their heads. He does have Fey blood in him, after all.

Pitch stats



Jezzu: a Eladrin hailing from a desert nation, Jezzu serves as the purveyor of Triple Moon Mystic: a fortune telling shop and seller of magical implements. His pupilless golden eyes though betray a secret, along with the constant scent of patchouli and vanilla around him.

Jezzu, in actuality, is a Brass Dragon of the Adult variety. He finds that running a store and having people give/trade their magical items for his business is much easier then having to fly around and seek out a hoard. Whatever tickles his  fancy, he keeps for himself. Whatever he doesn’t have a need for, he simply sells.

Having to stat him out was a bitch, by the way, in that I had to make not one but TWO stat blocks. I really don’t want to think out Lair Actions as well.

Jezzu class 1

Jezzu class 2


Image result for weretiger

Danzen, the Lunar Tiger: a Zoraivian myth, the Lunar Tiger was once a mortal half-elf named Danzen. Through feats of great physical strength and bravery, he ascended to demi-godhood after punching the moon back into orbit (dont ask…).

Unfortunately for him though, he got stuck on the moon in the aftermath. But somehow he managed to survive, with deep meditation and unlocking cosmic abilities that were once locked away from him. He now is the literal Man on the Moon.

During a full moon though, the Lunar Tiger is able to send a physical manifestation of himself down from the heavens to find worthy opponents to fight. This either is in the form of a white Weretiger (his usual form) or that of his once-mortal appearance.


Lunar Tiger stats


Witch Hunters Amanda and Makao: hired assassins of the royal family of Chervaux, the notorious Fairglen family, Amanda and Makao are what are known as Witch Hunters: men and women who are sent to detail and (if necessary) kill ‘halfling spawn’. This includes: Dragonborn, Dracovecta, Half Elves, Half Orcs, Aasimar, Tieflings, Genasi (because actual Halflings do not exist in Faustus Kil).

Amanda is the stealthy leader of the duo, while Makao is the back-up with a full roster of summons at his beck and call. Makao also is a Charcardin (an anthropomorphic shark man).

Makao’s list of summons is as follows:

  • Barlgura (CR 5 demon, MM pg 56)
  • Swarm of Cranium Rays (Cr 5 tiny beast swarm, Volo’s pg 133)
  • Elder Quickling (modified Quickling). HP 40. Cant be charmed or put to sleep through magical means. Weapons are considered magical.
  • Owl Harpy (Tome of Foes, pg 246)
  • Hulking Whelp (Tome of Foes, pg 252). The large grey dog Rilith saw with Makao
  • Sandman (Tome of Foes, pg 333)
  • Lindwurm (Tome of Foes, pg 276)
  • Ratatosk (Tome of Foes, pg 319)
  • Shadow Beast (Tome of Foes, pg 345)

Witch Hunter Amanda

Witch Hunter Makao

This is the closest I could find to her actual appearance, because it’s impossible to find Faerie Dragonborn artwork (or at least anything that resembles such a concept).

Syrilith: a professor at the Avehi Arcana Magitorium, lady Syrilith is affectionately called ‘The Librarian from Hell’. She is a strict Faerie Dragonborn who teaches about dragons and their long history, as well as the School of Illusion.

Her sword she weields,  a Fey enchanted blade called the Glamorblade, matches her fickle nature in that it causes Syrilith to project phantasms of herself, allowing the woman to go in for the kill.

Syrilith stats

Uncommon Qualities: Racial Traits for 5th Edition

Greetings, pixies and sprites!

Wizards of the Coast, in their Unearthed Arcana series, installs another thing from previous editions: Feats based upon a player’s race. I know my friend, Doctor Necrotic over at ‘Daemons and Deathrays’ is a huge fan of the concept. However, I am not so much a lover of the idea.

However, seeing as it’s a concept that’s rather popular, I’ve tried my hand out making some Feats for some of the published races as well as my own homebrewed ones. Again, feedback after play-testing is always encouraged!

After this, I may make some racial Background options but we’ll cross that bridge when we burn it.


Satyr Song: you become more in tune with the musical side of your sylvan blood, taking joy in the arts.

  • Your Charisma scores increases by one, to a maximum of 20.
  • You are proficient with the Performance skill.
  • You are also proficient with the following musical instruments: pan pipes, bohdran (a small hand-drum) and singing. When you make a Performance check with these, you have advantage on the roll.

Contemplative: somewhat of a recluse, you are prone to fits of deep thought.

  • Your Wisdom score increases by one, to a maximum of 20.
  • You are proficient with the History skill. You gain an additional modifier of half your current Proficiency modifier.


Quick Shape: your skittish nature helps you develop better senses for survival.

  • You gain proficiency in the Survival skill.
  • You can shift into any of your Kitsune forms as a Bonus Action.

Ancestor’s Weaponry: you have learned the styles of ancient kitsune warriors.

  • You are proficient with short swords, glaives and lances.
  • When you use a melee attack using any of these attacks, you say an old kitsune word which activates a font of magic. You add 1d6 fire or cold  damage onto the attack, which lasts for 1d4 rounds. You regain use of this ability on a short or long rest.



Lurker: your predatory nature has taught you to be patient when pursuing prey.

  • You have advantage on Stealth checks made in and underwater.
  • If you attack using your Natural Weapons while being in Stealth, the first time you hit the target they take an extra d8 damage.


Prehensile: some say that your tail has a mind of it’s own. Those people may not be too far off.

  • Your Dexterity score increases by one, to a maximum of 20.
  • You can hold small items with your tail, such as a dagger, a coin pouch, Arcane Focus, etc. using your tail.

Tail Trip: you learned to use your natural features to better your own combat skills.

  • Your Strength score increases by one, to a maximum of 20.
  • As a Bonus Action, you can attempt to trip a target within 5 feet of you. The DC Dexterity saving throw is 8+your Dexterity modifier+your proficiency modifier. On a failure, the target is knocked prone.



Talonflight: your avian nature has given you a unique perspective from above, and you have found ways to maximize your height over others.

  • Your Constitution score increases by one, to a maximum of 20.
  • While airborn, you may try to grab someone of Medium size or smaller with your talons to drag them off. You have an advantaged Grapple check roll to do so, and can carry them for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier: after this, you must release them. A Grappled target in this way must make an opposing Grapple check equal to 8+your Constitution score+your proficiency bonus to break free.
  • While they are also Grappled this way, the creature takes 1d4 piercing damage while your talons are in them.  For each minute they are held in this manner, they take the d4 damage.


Unseelie Touch: somewhere in your lineage, an ancestor was part of the Unseelie Court which still has it’s effects on you.

  • You have advantage on fear saving throws and effects which cause the Fear status effect.
  • You have resistance to either necrotic or cold damage.

Dryad Blood: you can trace your roots to sylvan tree spirits somewhere in your ancestry.

  • You gain proficiency with the Persuasion skill.
  • You learn the cantrips thorn whip and shillelagh. 


All content is written by Faith D’Ambrosio of the blog Pitfalls and Pixies on Races (Faun, Kitsune, Charcardin) belong to Faith D’Ambrosio. Tiefling, Aarokokra and Eladrin belong to Wizards of the Coast/Dungeons and Dragons. All art belongs to their original creators.