June RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up: The Third Fey March

As the official start of summer gets underway steadily, the Fair Folk pack their caravans and begin to slowly, quietly, drift into the tors and mounds which they call passageways to their home. They leave as quickly as they arrived, with passerby’s never the wiser.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Third Fey March! You guys astounded once again with the theme, and I wanted a moment to showcase all the entries for the month of July.

Here are those who put their creativity into the theme this month:

RPG Blog Carnival: Friends from the Faerie-Side

Welcome back, friends of the realm!

A apology from my end, for being stupidly lazy with posts. Life is hectic for the Lady of the Fae, so let’s hope that my sporadic posts make up for that.

To bring some variety to  the Fey we see presented in Dungeons and Dragons, here are some that are taken directly from faerie lore across the world as well as some custom things created for my own amusement and games. These are also a sampling of creatures from a larger project I am currently working on, and only really have had the time to make any sort of real headway with.



Related to friendly household spirits such as Brownies, the Bwca is the much more mean-spirited version of these diminutive, helpful Good Neighbors.

The Bwca, as a house faerie, will do chores while the inhabitants are not around or blissfully unaware of its physical presence. However, if it is not thanked en masse for its hard work, via an offering of alcohol or a saucer of cream, it will soon become destructive and wreck havoc across the property it works to maintain and live in.

Bwca 2


Deepwoods Guardian

Vaguely resembling bipedal tree-like forms, Deepwoods Guardians are aptly named: nomadic shaman-esque fey creatures who are skilled in pacifistic magic and guiding the lost.

Though they are capable of great destruction, violence is never their first reaction. Often, they would rather talk to someone and figure out the reasoning to their actions before choosing a proper course of action. And sometimes, if one is lucky, a wanderer would gain it’s s favor by doing such small things, like planting a flower.

Deepwoods Guardian

Image result for jack-in-irons



One does not often think about giants as being Fey creatures, but such is the case in two beings: the kind-hearted Firbolgs and the much-less pleasant Jack-In-Irons.

Wandering lonely causeways and passages in the dead of night, the Jack-In-Irons is a malign thing. It does not take kindly to  those it crosses, especially humanoids who lack faerie blood.

Their most well-known attack is when they lob one of many heads at wanderers, which they seem to never have any less then five heads total of things which they have recently killed.

Jack In Irons

The Nualavae

A horror if there ever was one, the Nuckalavae is a chaotic beast even amongst the wild faeries.

The Nuckalavae is something which is unimpeded by water and terrain, the ocean proving just as easy for it to navigate as  the roaming hillsides it stalks. Sailors know to avoid the territory it claims as its own, and that the only way to keep away from it is by crossing a rather mundane threshold: a simple brook of running water will stop it dead in it’s tracks.

Nuckalavae stats


All artwork belongs to their respected artists. All creatures are either created from homebrew or are actual mythological figures: if they resemble anything previously created, this is by sheer chance. 

All content by Pitfalls and Pixies belongs to Faith D’Ambrosio (Brynvalk.Wordpress.com) 

The 2019 RPG Blog Carnival: The Third Fey March

Featured Art: ‘Faerie Boy’ by Evanira 

Ah, the warmer months of spring and summer. When life comes about, new and refreshed after the cold winter’s reign. It just makes you want to dance and flit about, doesn’t it?

Well, that sort of merriment comes to Pitfalls and Pixies for the month of June. Once more, you, adventurous homebrewers, set foot into the mysterious Realm of Wonder in this month’s installment titled The Third Fey March.

The Third Fey March is part of an expanding network (or should we say hivemind for some of the creatures) to provide the tabletop gaming community with more Faerie/Fey  themed content, as it seems to be drastically small in comparison to things like demons, dragons and the like. And certainly, lady Titania and lord Oberon are none too pleased by this.

What Qualifies For ‘The Third Fey March’? 

As the world of the Good Neighbors is stretched far and wide, and their mythology as varied as the cultures they come from, any sort of topic can be chosen, including but not limited to:

  • How do the Fae and other sylvan beings interact with your home world/personal setting?
  • Tricks and traps that faeries use to befuddle and trick mortals
  • Of course, new monsters inhabitants of the Faerie Realm. Everything from bwcas to the mightiest of Archfey, nothing is held off!
  • How you incorperate real-world mythos of the Faerie Folk into your games/stories
  • Sylvan-themed player options; races, backgrounds, feats and items (both normal and cursed: the Faerie Folk do love curses and tricks, after all!)
  • Fairies in popular culture  and media, and how this has influenced them across the media spectrum
  • Show off your fantastical art with a sylvan motif! Fine art, writing, cosplay? Everything and anything goes!
  • Re-branding existing content as fey themed
  • Taking characters from pop culture who have such faerie ties and statting them for actual play in games, as either hostile or friendly NPC’s


But Brynvalk, How Do I Sign My Soul to the Fae   Participate? 


All you need to do is create content befitting of June’s theme,  and post a link to this blog post in your contribution.

After this, you leave a link to said post in the comments of the hoster’s own page. At the end of the month, said hoster will compile all posts into one master post and show off this homage to the residents of the Realm of Wonder, hoping they will take kindly upon our offering to them.

Remember: if using someone’s art, always give credit where credit is due! ‘Tis just common courtesy.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again: I look forward to seeing what your creativity brings about!

The RPG Blog Carnival is hosted by ‘Of Dice and Dragons’. All past posts can be seen here, or if you would like to host the Carnival in the future,


Monsters of D&D: The Iaraan ​​Fuar

Hello, Pixies and Sprites!

My good friend/ally/general weird person has his end of the monthly RPG Blog Carnival for the month of July. And in true Doctor Necrotic fashion, the theme is gritty and bleak Grimdark.

Now, Grimdark isn’t my choice I’m subject matter. I like my fantasy exactly that: fantastical with distinct elven notes to it, but I decided to give myself a mental and thematic whirl by combining grundgy Grimdark with the Fair Folk themselves.

Enjoy the madness!

img_5743The Iaraan Faur, also known as Metal Faeries, are the supposed remnants of a pure and elegant race of magical sylvan creatures. Reknowned for their knowledge of gems and precious stones, they were sought out highly by any number of beings: dwarves for commission partners, humans for trade, dragons out of nothing but pure greed.

But their reign came to an eventual end by the hands of progress. Mortals made advancements in their technology and science; these leaps and bounds ran off into the rivers, the canyons and the secret passages of the Fey Folk.

Over time due to this exposure, to the toxins in soil and rock, they began to change and for the worst. Their skin changed to light grey which often was bespeckled with fluorescent green due to radiation; limbs grew to extremely gangly lengths over generations. But the most noticible change though was a complete immunity to the dreaded substance known as cold iron, which to many fey creatures was seen as certain death.

Iaraan Fuar – medium fey, lawful evil

AC: 18

HP: 217

Move Speed: 35 ft., burrow/dig 60

Strength: 22 (+6)  Dexterity: 15 (+3)    Constitution: 25 (+8)   Intelligence:  19 (+4)  Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 17 (+3)



Saving Throws: Strength +11, Dexterity +8, Constitution +13


Skills:  Perception +8, Intimidation +8, Persuasion +8

Damage Immunities: cold, weapons made or covered in cold iron, piercing, slashing and


bludgeoning damage from nonmagical weapons

Damage Resistances: poison, acid, necrotic

Condition Immunities: charmed, blinded, petrified, paralyzed

Senses: tremorsense 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception

Challenge Rating (CR): 13

Innate Spellcasting: the Iaraan Faur can cast the following spells without material


components. Charisma is its casting stat.

At will: poison spray, toll the dead, ice knife

3/day each: faerie fire,  vampiric touch, moonbeam

2/ day each: blight, contagion 

Magical Weapons: the Iaraan Fuar’s weapons are magical.

Tremoresense: the Iaraan Fuar can sense movements in the ground. They do not need to see a target to know where they are.

Earth Glide: the Iaraan Fuar can move through the earth without disrupting it.


Multiattack: the Iaraan Fuar can attack three times with its Meteor Hammer.

Meteor Hammer: Melee weapon, +11 to hit, one target, range 10 feet. Hit: 2d12+6 bludgeoning damage. On a hit, target makes a DC Strength saving throw 18 or be knocked prone.

Sinkhole (recharge 5-6): the Iaraan Fuar utters an ancient sylvan command which causes the earth to open up below a designated target. The hole is 15 feet across in all directions and can be up to 50 feet deep. The Iaraan Fuar can use a bonus action then to utter the same phrase in reverse to close the hole.

While the creature is stuck in the hole, they can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution modifier. After such, they begin to take incremental damage on their turns. It begins at 1d6 and increases by 1d6 for each round they are submerged.

The Iaraan Fuar can move into the area of the hole once it is closed and attack the target with advantage.

Summon Swarm (recharge 6): the Iaraan Fuar summons 2d4 Swarms of Cranium Rats. They go on the Iaraan Fuar’s initiative.

The Iaraan Fuar belongs to Faith D’Ambrosio. 

The Grimdark Blog Carnival belongs to Doctor Necrotic of Daemons and Deathrays.

A Trove of Projects

Hello, Pixies and Sprites of the internet!

I apologize for not totally updating this blog very often it seems. I have been working on so many large-scale projects and I get really wrapped up in them!

But fret not! I have been creating, it just hasn’t been on here.

First, there is the latest one.  ‘The Big Book of Fey’ is, as you can probably guess from the title, a massive collection of new fey-themed content! Fitting from the creator of this blog, after all. There are three all-new races and two faerie takes on two in the Player’s Handbook, plus monsters galore as well as magical items. Did I mention two different stat blocks for Archfey?

The Summoner: A Conjuring Class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has been a long-standing project which isn’t totally finished (because let’s face it, when are projects completely done?). You may have seen the first draft of this pact-creating class, but the current iteration is up and running!

The Night Market: An Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition was the first Dungeon Master’s Guild creation I made, where you venture into a faerie marketplace full of plot hooks and danger. Included in it are two new races, the Dryad and Selkie!

Currently though? I am looking for more themed projects to do for DM’s Guild. I have ideas but none of them are set into stone, so we’ll see where they’re going. I would greatly appreciate you supporting me on DM’s Guild so I can create more content for you people. : )

Back to the drawing board, lovelies!

Faith Reviews: Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Part Two

And we are back, friends, with more reviewing on Volo’s Guide to Monsters! I haven’t touched this series of updates recently, since I have been doing several projects for Dungeon Master’s Guild, but with this I hope to resume progress on my opinion on the text.

Keep in mind that while I will aim to write about different aspects about the book, that I may not touch upon each and every little thing (that in itself is a massive undertaking!). Though, if you want my opinion on something specific, please let me know and I’ll return an answer catered to you.

Let’s begin!

Monstrous Races: A Terrifying Good Time

A commonplace complaint that I hear about 5th Edition is that people constantly want more playable races, and sometimes their requests are quite…odd. One of my players wanted to be a gigantic shark-man, which I allowed after he ingested a bad potion.

Volo’s has presented us with many a number of sparkly new races for the most part. Aasimar and Goliath were already mentioned in previous texts for 5e, in Sword Coast Adventures and in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. I wonder why Eladrin, by proxy, are not mentioned here in this book? Hmm..

In no particular, we have:


Image result for dungeons and dragons firbolg

  • Firbolg: giant-blooded beings with connections to the fey. While traditional mythology has the Firbolgs as warrior druidic spirits, they made them seem more docile and peace loving over anything else. There aren’t any official races yet though which have both Wisdom and Strength as their racial stats, so this seems like the perfect build for Nature Clerics and Moon Druids. Hidden Step is also at-will invisibility which you can use once before regaining on a short or long rest.

Image result for dungeons and dragons kenku

  • Kenku: glorified flightless corvids. Perfectly thematic for Raven Queen Warlocks (see my previous post for that!), I find that the inability to speak naturally is greatly hindering and difficult for most players to do with success. You need to imitate others using Mimicry in order to get your thoughts across. While the challenge may tickle an advanced player’s fancy, it turns me off to the race as a whole. The rest of the racial boons are meh at best.

Image result for dungeons and dragons lizardfolk

  • Lizardfolk: I can see fluff-wise Lizardfolk lining up with the Charlatan Background just from the ‘Cold and Calculating’ titled section, though their stats don’t lend to persuasive characters very well. Natural attacks, such as their Bite and Hungry Jaws, could be interesting if utilized to maximum capacity but in a game where the damage is a mere 1d4, I would not see much use for this. Hold Breath and the swim speed of 30 feet though could be invaluable, depending on the campaign they are played in.

Image result for tabaxi

  • Tabaxi: the Khajit of D&D. The lore of the Tabaxi is as bland as the Dragonborn (even though I do enjoy that race in particular, if done right) history, but the Personality Quirks do add some more substance to them. Any creature with a plus to Dexterity is always  good as is Darkvision. Racial Perception and Stealth are another nice addition, though it suffers a bit from Natural Attacks like the Lizardfolk.

Image result for dungeons and dragons triton

  • Triton: Don’t we already have something similar in the Water Genasi? I don’t like how they have an racial plus-one to THREE stats. They seem to have just too much stuff going on for them (innate spellcasting, communication of simple ideas with sea life, and cold damage resistance). In an ocean-faring campaign, these guys are the undisputed overpowered special snowflakes, though  I suppose they at least make sense with the terrain.


Other Races

Starting on page 118, we are given even more odd races: Bugbear, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, full-blooded Orc and Pureblood Yuan-Ti. Not completly out of place with the lore sections in the front of the book, I wonder why they also did not add a section on Gnolls or half-Hags as monstrous race options.

I am surprised that Orcs have a NEGATIVE to their racial stats (a minus two to their Intelligence), as I don’t think I have seen a race that has that sort of thing to their stats in 5e yet. Kobolds suffer a same fate, with their minus two going into Strength. So all of you who want to play Kobold Barbarians, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Other then that, all of the options for monster races have increases which stay in line with the ‘plus one’, ‘plus two’ formula. Image result for dungeons and dragons kobold

Hobgoblin’s Martial Training seems out of place for a racial feature, as something like that is reserved mostly for a class such as Fighter. Though since most of their innate stuff is ‘meh’ at best, I would not mind it so much.

Kobold’s Sunlight Sensitivity can be absolutely crippling if you don’t play your cards right, and Grovel, Cower and Beg seems thematically funny while situational. Though personally, I don’t like playing such cowardly things.

Yuan-Ti Purebloods have a lot going for them, perhaps too much. I have heard they have levels of power creep to them, but I don’t terribly see it since their Innate Spellcasting is in line with any other race who has this. Though, Magic Resistance is a HUGE thing which people at higher levels are salivating for (mostly begging for a Mantle of Spell Resistance). Immunity and not just resistance to all poison damage as well as unable to be poisoned is also a huge thing, again though situational.

Overall, I think the races add some good variety but should still be carefully considered for both players and Dungeon Masters. Firbolg and Tabaxi seem the most balanced and in tune with the format for what we have in the core Player’s Handbook, while Triton and Yuan-Ti should be kept on a tight leash. Feel free to disagree with me though, but do it in a civilized manner.


A Menagerie of Beasts and How to Stat Them

Image result for dungeons and dragons volo's guide to monsters art

There is over fifty pages of just new creatures to throw at your players (or possibly tame, if your Animal Handling skill is off the charts) as well as several new Non-Playable Characters. Of course, they include sections on what was covered in the Lore portions at the start of the book (Giant, Mind Flayer, Gnoll, Hag, Goblinoid).

What surprises me the most though is just how many more fey creatures we were given. These include the Boggle, Darklings, Annis and Bheur Hag, Korred, Meenlock, Quickling, Redcap, Wood Woad, and Yeth Hound. While none reach over a CR 10 rating, there are significantly more terrifying choices then just a Green Hag or a group of Pixies turning your party into squirrels via polymorph. Such a sharp increase in these types of creatures makes me think they may have a new campaign module where the fey are a prominent part of the story line. But that’s just my hope.

Five new Yuan-Ti? We already have three I believe in the core Monster Manual. How many more do we need? There’s two more Gnoll typings, technically three if you count the Witherling, and many throwback references to previous editions. Flail Snails and Grungs, for example, all hearken back to eras before 5e.

Did I also mention there are dinosaurs in Volo’s? For the Moon Druid who wants to bring Jurassic Park to your table, now they can do so appropriately by turning into a raptor.

Final Product Review 

In total, if your Dungeon Master has gotten everything they could ask for, this might be a good reference for them to have at their disposal. While most of the book tends to be lore heavy, which I understand some people may be turned off at the sight of, there is plenty of juicy bits to stay latched onto.

The races can be considered experiments on the whole, with only a small handful seeming like they meet the balance scale of the Player’s Handbook criteria. Similar to the Unearthed Arcana content, it seems like most of the stuff that players can access here are in the early stages of being finished, though that does not mean the options are bad.

The monsters are top notch, as is the artwork. I am particularily terrified of the Draegoloth, and I would never want to meet him down a dark alley in a tunnel system.

I would give Volo’s Guide to Monsters a solid: 7 out of 10.


Redcaps, Faerie Dragonborn and More! New Races for 5th Edition

Hello, Pixies and Sprites! (Background unrelated to any new content: I just thought it looked cool)

With Volo’s Guide to Monsters out for a good chunk of time and allowing myself ample time to read over it, it dawned on me that there are monsters to be converted into playable races. Case in point, the Redcap.

This excuse to make a angry midget-like sickle-wielding lunatic was too good to pass up, and I used it as a segway to make more fey-themed races.

These are also going to be a small portion of the new ‘Big Book of Fey’ that I’m working on for Dungeon Master’s Guild. So when that’s all completed, I’ll let you guys here know first!



Art ftom ‘Volo’s Guide to Monsters’ (2017, Wizards of the Coast)

Small but bloodthirsty creatures, approximately the same size of a Halfling, Redcaps are known for the scarlet hats which they wear upon their heads. More then just a classy fashion statement, these head coverings hold a gristly source of their pride: after each of their kills, a Redcap soaks it in the spilt blood of their enemies. Some say that the more blood is accumulated, the more power the Redcap gains.

As a Redcap, you have the following traits:
–  Ability Score Increase: Your Strength increases by two, and your Constitution increases by one. Both powerful in build and hearty in stature, they are predators in their own right though they do not look it.
– Size: Redcaps average between two and four feet high, which they never exceed this height. There is a good reason why some call them “kneecap rippers”.
– Recap Handiness: you are proficient with sickles, short swords and light armor.
– Skills: You are proficient in Athletics and Intimidation.
– Languages: you know how to speak and write Sylvan and Common. Though, it is not uncommon for some particularily intelligent Redcaps to also know Dwarven or even Terran. You may choose one of these other languages in replacement of the starting two.
–  Darkvision: You can see in the dark for up to 60 feet in shades of grey.
–  Outsize Strength: When you are grappling, you are considered to be a creature of Medium size. Also, holding a heavy weapon does not impose  disadvantage on your attack roll.

Dragonborn Varient: FaerieImage result for dnd fairy dragonborn

While Dragonborn on the Material Plane value strength and stamina, those touched by the magic of the Faeries desire agility and lithe beauty above all else. Being fleet-footed and cunning has kept these smaller dragon-folk out of trouble, or possibly gotten themselves into more then they desire.

Far more whimsical, they embody the playful nature of the Faerie realm: oftentimes, they love to partake in light-hearted trickery which never does too much harm. If it does come to a combat situation, Faerie Dragonborn would rather use their Euphoria Breath ro confuse enemies and flee.

As a Faerie Dragonborn, your traits are slightly different from others with a chromatic or metallic lineage:
– Ability Score Increases: Your Dexterity increases by two, and your Charisma bv one. Faerie Dragonborn need to be quick to avoid those who prey on them, and chatty in order to talk themselves in or out of a bind.
– Languages: You can read, write and speak Draconic, Sylvan,and Common, Most Faerie Dragonborn though prefer to speak in Sylvan, however.
– Breath Weapon: Euphoria (recharge 5-6): 10 ft, one target. You breathe out a cloud of euphoria gas at one creature within 10 feet of it. The target must succeed on a DC Wisdom saving throw of 13, or for one minute the target cat take reactions and must roll a d6 at the start of each turn to determine its behavior for that turn.
1-4: The target takes no action or bonus action and uses all of its movement to move in a random direction.
5-6: The target doesn’t move, and the only thing it can do on its turn is make a DC saving throw of 15, ending the effect on itself on a success.
– Pixie Minded: You have advantage on saves against being charmed by spells or spell-like effects.
– Faerie Casting: As a creature associated with the land of Faerie, you have a well of innate magical power. As you level, you gain the following spells and can cast them without components. At Level 1, you know the cantrip dancing lights. At Level 3, you can cast color spray  at a 2nd Level spell slot. At Level 5, you learn mirror image and can cast this once per day, regained on a long rest.


Tiefling Varient: Night Hag Blooded

Image result for d&d night hag
Artwork from D&D 5E Monster Manual


Wen a person’s mind thinks of Tieflings, automatically they believe that the source of their hellish parentage came from a demon, such as a Cambion or Incubus. Just like any race there is a wide variance in what caused Tieflings to be born.

A curious happening is when a Night Hag decides to take a mortal male lover, most likely forced love, and produces a tiefling offspring which shares her features. Many of these offspring grow up to pursue darker paths without realizing that it is a path that is spawned from their distant fiendish relative.

As a Night Hag Blood Tiefling, you have the following traits which differ slightly from that of normal kin:
– Your Intelligence increases by two, and your Charisma increases by one.
– Languages: you can read, write and speak Abyssal and Common.
– Darkvision: you can see in the dark, like your Night Hag ancestor, up to 60 feet. You see in shades of grey and not color.

–  Night Hag Casting: as a Tiefling with Night Hag blood in you, you can cast the following spells innately which you gain at certain levels. At level one, you gain the thaumaturgy cantrip. At level 3, you learn the spell sleep which you can cast once and regain back on a short or long rest. At level 5, you learn magic missile and can cast this once per day, regaining it on a long rest.

-Fiendish Resistance: you have resistance to cold damage.


All content is for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (Wizards of the Coast), and created by Pitfalls and Pixies (Faith D’Ambrosio). If used, please give credit where credit is due.

Onto New Horizons

The silver bells wound in your hair shows that magic is indeed afoot but fleeting. You time with the fae folk has ended as quickly as it began, and you vaguely remember that they laughed and waved as you took your seperate paths.

I wasn’t expecting the turnout of content I had for my theme, since the fae are kind of an odd thing to hold as theme for the month. But that’s what happens when it’s the main theme of my blog on any given day. From Star Trek aliens to fiery elemental forces, these participants have managed to capture the true heart of soul of the fair folk all in words and d20’s.

Below is the complete master list of content for the June RPG Blog Carnival. Thanks to everyone who created content!

The Wandering Alchemist’s The Archfey and Q…You

Doctor Necrotic’s Cheerful Stalker

Doctor Necrotic’s Penumbra, Lord of Nightmares

Tales of a Gm’s Summer Fae

CrossPlane’s Savage World Tommyknockers

The Other Side’s Faerie Witch

The Other Side’s Fire Faeries

Anarcarnivale’s State of Fae in RPG’s

Doomride’s Good Neighbors

Tribality’s Archfey Patrons (check out the other Fae content done in this particular person’s series!)

Sea of Star’s RPG’s Pyroead

Möbius Adventures’ Fae of the Future

Codex Anathema’s Now You See Me

6d6′ War Faeries

Cold Iron and Pixie Dust: Step Into The Faerie Realm

The pre-summer evening is balmy, the croaking of bullfrogs heard in the distance. Far beyond your line of sight, where trees tower above and around you like silhouetted giants. You curse at yourself for foolishly not bringing your lantern with you or one of your companions who can see in the night-time with relative ease. But you are lost all alone, with merely star and moon light to dimly illuminate your path.

The howls of wolves echoe loud and clear, as if sensing your growing ease and nervous nature. A single wolf you could outsmart. A pack was another thing completely, and you hoped that it was not a group of Death Dogs.

Fumbling with the ring around your left middle finger, you leap over a sapling which seems to have been ripped up and its roots exposed to the world. Something might have made it it’s home, or a grave for that matter.

A foot snags on a root, and you fall forwards. Your lips kiss the ground, dirt streaking your face. With all of this, you realize that it might have been better to just have stayed in that night but a wanderlust nature in you was screaming that evening, calling you to explore these wildernesses.

When you stand once more, you can see that a fine pink mist has started to blow inwards. There there used to be scattered fireflies are larger orbs of light which wink out and shift between purple, blue and yellow: they seem to become more numerous, and one moves right through your chest without is movement slowing down.

“Hullo, wayfarer?” A voice, not quite male nor female, somewhere in between, calls. “Yes yes, do watch your step. The stones do make traversing difficult.” But there was no one before you, and you make the decision to keep going onward.

Soon, the trees part for you, almost as if sentient. Finding yourself in a clearing where a great stone circle has been constructed, a monument even. A cacophony of people are gathered here, excitedly talking to one another or being mindful of their coin purses. One by one, they are ushered into the stone ring by a jovial Tiefling man (at least physically that is what he resembles. Curious, you wait amongst the people. Some have elven ears, others cloven hooves, and even multiple sets of wings. The dancing lights move in closer to you now.

Finally it is your turn, the half-demon eying you up in a vaguely sexual manner. “Come to see the Night Market, eh? Right this way, of course ser.”

Night Market? There is no market within five miles of this place. But before you have a split second to consider what he had just said, you and ten others are hassled into the dead center of the stone circle. The pink must thickens to the consistency of soup as your head becomes woozy. “And please don’t harass the vendors. The last thing you want is an angry Minotaur charging at you.”

A moment later, the sky above you is not black but stuck in shades of twilight. A sprawling city of tents and buildings give off a carnival atmosphere only enhanced by the scent of fried food. Those you were grouped with rush forth, making room for the next arrival. As you begin to walk as well, a pink-haired pixie whizzed past your face. 

This place was betwixt realms, and the Fae were wily things. You internally made it your job to keep alert.

Even though it’s not a stretch for
what is usually my chosen to write for, it is something that there is a stark lack of for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The Monster Manual is plagued by abberants and monstrosities, with fey creatures being few and far between. That, or they are of a low Challenge Rating (a maximum of 3, in the case of the Green Hag) or creatures described as fey according to history are given different typings (both Banshee and Will-O-Wisp are classified as Undead).

As the carnival rolls into town for the month of June for the RPG Blog Carnival, it brings the strange beauty and dark delight of Faerie with it. What races shall adventurers see for themselves? Who will be willing to give quests? And a better question yet, what treasures are up for the taking should said quests be accepted? Oh, and don’t forget obsticles and traps to overcome: the fey are mischievous, after all.

What Exactly Is Going On?

It’s quite simple. For June, my blog is hosting the monthly RPG Blog Carnival, where participants write homebrew content in line with that month’s theme. You post a link up to the page where you have it uploaded to, and at the end of the month I create a master list of everything people have contributed. This month, it’s all about the Fae.

Atrial: A Playable Fey Race

I think you can all tell I love the fey. They’re just so very interesting and I wish we had an actual Faerie race (Pixies would be nice, by the way, Wizards!). That being said, I’m continuing the trend with the fey folk and made a playable race.

“You’d like to think that they’re all little people-like things that sip out of acorn cups and dance in the first beams of sunlight at day’s start. Do not ever think such a thought. They will hunt you down in the night and in dream-land for the fun of it, tease you with promises then destroy them in front of your eyes because you fail to see what they see. The Atrial are not to be tested. I know this, because I once fell madly in love for one. Your sister was spirited off into their realm for my mistakes….”

Mysterious figures that wander the farthest reaches of the realm; through brambles, thorns and watery riverways, the Atrial sneak and flit about bringing enchantment to these wild places. Magic courses through their entire being, which touches  the land that they cross. But should adventurers cross them, may doom befall them in their travels.

Languages: Common, Sylvan

Appearance: Oftentimes mistaken as common elves, the Atrial are essentially the original descendants of the elven race. However, unlike the mortal beings, their features can be derived from all mannerisms of places. An adventurer may find one with monarch butterfly wings and antennae while another may encounter an Atrial with stag horns and cloven hooves. The appearances are often due to their Sub-Race but it could be no more than a simple glamour.

– Stat Increase: +2 to Charisma.

– Age: The fey folk are long-lived, even more so then the elves whom mortal races sometimes get mistaken for the sylvan creatures. Exceeding 800 years, even a young fey is ancient. This complicates when they reach an adult age as they never quite lose their childish antics.

– Size: Despite how folklore depicts them, these creatures are often quite tall and willowy, growing between 6 to 7 feet tall. Their size commands attention in the room, if not for their other-worldly beauty. There are shorter beings too, however, and even taller ones still that are rare even amongst them.

– Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

– Darkvision: You have superior vision in dark or dim conditions, making it easier for you to evade potential threats in the world. You can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and darkness as if it were dim light. In darkness, you cannot make out colors: only tones of black and white.

– Fey Ancestry: You cannot be put to sleep through magical means and have advantage on saving throws on being charmed.

– Wyld Blood: As a Sylvan being, you have an innate spellcasting in you that relies on your Charisma stat. The cantrip you may cast as much as you would like. Once you reach level 3, you may cast the third level spell as a 2nd-level spell once per day. Once you reach level 5, you may cast this once per day.

Cantrip (at start): Dancing Lights

3rd Level:  Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

5th Level: Spike Growth

– Magic Resistance: The Atrial have advantage against spells.

Sub-Races: The Dawn and Dusk 

*Note: many traits of the Atrial, such as wings, may grant special conditions such as flight in your game. Work with your players on the finer aspects of these traits, as it is a case-by-case matter. * 

As a varied lot, the Atrial have two known sub-races but there may be more based on what world they exist in. Upon choosing to play an Atrial, you can choose to play either a Dawn or Dusk type, which represent two sides of their sylvan race. In some realms, they are known as the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, or may go by nothing at all. Standing side by side, though, reveals a world of differences between them.,

Dawn/Seelie: Dawn Atrial are generally more good natured, and have features based on insects: multifaceted
eyes, fabulous wings and even multiple arms (no more than six, however).  They are most active during the day, mostly the hours of sunrise, hence where they draw their names from.

Stat Increase: Dexterity increases by 1. The Dawn Atrial naturally are more nimble to evade predators and those who wish them harm.

At Home In the Wilds: You are proficient with the Nature skill.

Tree Stride: Once on their turn, a Dawn Atrial can use 10 feet of movement to step magically into one living tree and emerge from a second living tree within 60 feet of the first, appearing in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the second. Both trees much be Large or bigger.

: Dusk Atrial could be seen as the parents of the drow; with a malicious streak of ill-hearted trickery that is often meant to harm and even kill people. The Dusk sub-race’s appearance is based heavily on woodland creatures: horns, large claws, shaggy fur and tails all fall under how they can appear. On occassion, they may have wings like that of a bat.

Stat Increase: Intelligence increases by 1. As beings who are more active during the evening and late hours of the day, they study the world around them and are always hungry for knowledge.

Sharp-Minded: You have proficiency in the Perception skill.

Mimicry: Dusk Atrial can mimic animal and humanoid sounds. A creature that hears the voices can tell they are imitations with a successful DC 13 Wisdom (Insight) check.

*The Atrial concept belong to me, Faith (Brynvalk). All art belongs to the original artists, all found on deviantArt.com *